Celebrating Women – Incredible She

She has grace in her personality, warmth in her presence and a never vanishing smile on her face. She is always appreciated and admired by her charismatic disposition. Her family counts on her.

f04a23f67f7b66bb5674605806e7e9faShe’s a valiant because patience is her strongest weapon. She’s a leader because she knows how to follow. She’s an actress in real life situations because she smiles during all odds and keeps cool.

She has the guts to convince her own will for the happiness of her dear ones. Just like river water, she follows the twists and turns of the family path and joyfully makes her way to the sea of family happiness. Always at standby, she controls the whole background.

She’s happy to see her dear ones to soar in the open sky, knowing that it will create a big vacuum in her life. But she is smart enough to try every option to uplift her existence during the dusk of her age and proceed with the same grace and smile, with which she looked after her family.

This admirable person is the foundation of our society. She is a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter. She is an incredible woman!

P.S- Love and support of her family makes a woman incredible!

Picture courtesy: Google Images

Disclaimer – Views or opinions represented in this post are personal


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