Celebrating Women – Incredible She

Wherever she goes she receives appreciation; she is thought to be blessed with a contented life because her family is very happy with her. She has grace in her personality, warmth in her presence and a never vanishing smile on her face. Ladies feel jealous of her and somewhere inside their hearts they want their lives to be like hers.
I tried to talk to this woman about revealing the secrets of her blissfull life, but she smiled in return, so I tried the other way of getting her secrets. Keeping my ettiquettes aside I managed to read her diary and was completely astonished to encounter an unbelievable reality that came forth when I almost entered the heart of this woman.
This woman looks brave and confident, but actually she is not because she cannot oppose; she is patient enough to bear anything against her will. She has learnt to surrender, she never initiates. She does not know what leadership is; she has been a great follower throughout. She acts like an actress in real life situations and is never awarded. She has trained herself to- smile during all odds, keep her temperament cool, never think herself as an independent individual.
She has the guts to convince her own will because for the happiness of her dear ones she has willfully practiced to go against her will. Just like river water she follows the twists and turns of the family path and joyfully makes her way to the sea of family happiness. Always at standby she controls the whole background and is never noticed and appreciated for her devotion. Her lips will never speak what I learnt from her heart because she has promised herself that she will always keep smiling being quiet.
Now that woman has reached the phase where she willingly allow her kids to fly in the open sky to touch the horizon of their careers but realizes that she is alone in her own zone. The kids who were her life are now busy in creating a new world for themselves and she had never thought that such big vacuum will surround her personality. She is in an age where one needs company or past time but she had never thought for herself.
Being in the background she will try every option for her uplift and will proceed with the same grace, with which she looked after her family. She will cherish the sweet memories, be a guiding star for her children and bring herself up gracefully during the dusk of her age. This admirable human category is the foundation of our society. I salute her because she will continue to live for her dear ones till the last breath of her life.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Archana says:

    You have beautifully captured the essence of a Woman!

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