If she had…

Nick and Amy separated for no solid reason; some trivial matters were the foundation of this separation.

Amy was always suspicious of Nick’s affairs and they both ended up going their own ways. They both are now married but not with each other.

Today they were at my place, and a midst lot of people were genuinely quiet.

Suddenly Nick’s mobile rang, and she saw the same affair still going on; she picked up the phone hysterically and answered. On the other side was Nick’s cousin sister.

With moist eyes and remorseful gesture she handed the mobile to Nick and left.

100 Words On Saturday

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My World



“What’s there beyond the sea Grandpa”? Walking on the golden sands with my hand held tightly by my Grandfather, was a question I innocently asked, and he gave the answer, “darling, beyond there is a magical world; where everything glitters, shines, and is run by machines but ………um… humanity is vulnerable there.” I liked the brighter side of his statement so much that I never missed to go with him everyday, for the morning walks.

His description and way of putting something unknown attracted me so much that I wanted to grow up earlier. The curiosity to see that world never developed any liking for the simple world around me.

I stretched myself and grew up and made my way to that most awaiting destination. I flew with curious fluttering and took the long flight. At last my destination landed me and I, with bouncing heart stuck my eyes to have an ever larger view of the paradise which I had been creating in my mind since childhood.

Grand, bright, dazzling, alluring, mesmerizing………..it all was just like treat for one’s eyes! Enthusiastically I stepped forward and stumbled….I raised my head to see the nearest hand for help……but there was none. Human robots were busy doing their tasks.

My determination compelled me to try my best to be a robot but I could not prove myself. There were some robots that looked like my childhood pals, but they didn’t smile at me. No robot came near me for support. My oddity made me neither a robot nor left like a human. Now, I understood the real meaning of grandpa’s statement about this world, I feared, I compromised, I struggled to survive but I could not stand because my roots were somewhere there at my home and the separation from them was impossible.

The indelible memories of my home followed me everywhere, and my heart vehemently wanted to be back.  Though it was pathetic to return like a failure but it needs a lot of courage to be honest, so I decided to go back to my world and ameliorate it.

Today, standing by the sea shore I saw my grandpa as a best friend contended to see me back. Holding my hand he asked, ‘child, what’s there beyond the sea’? With less remorse and more determination I said, ‘nothing grandpa, everything is here’.

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My Angel


I was gazing at her beautiful face, while sleeping she looked like a tiny beautiful princess. Her curly golden locks waved on her pretty face making her even prettier. But this bundle of joy will be separated from me now! ‘How we will survive without each other’? ‘How will I dare to contradict my Husband’s decision’? My heart pined. Angel! My Angel is a very cute child but not with the combination of beauty with the brains, she is seven, but her brain is underdeveloped. A glimpse of my Angel blossoms the hearts of many but the next moment all those hearts are filled with sympathy towards her.

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Our car was running fast on the quiet road, but my thumping heart was ahead of it. I wished I could reach my destination with the wink of an eye and hug my darling daughter Rhea, but no force around me was able to understand the position of a helpless mother. I had to hold my restless heart  forcefully from being bewildered. I was in a hurry to see my daughter, and was suppressing my feelings as it was the family rule.  

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The Way Out of a Trap…

It was a complete new experience for me, a new world of relationships and feelings made me a little scared that how am I  going to manage all that in my new home. Every girl has to go through this after entering the matrimony, but in my case I felt a little tough as I was an overly pampered child by my parents and brothers. The first morning in my new home seemed to be like a show, where I was the center of attraction, all the experienced eyes were set on me and I wanted to perform according to the norms set for an ideal bride. So many tasks and just one me! I tried to spread myself thin and the result was lot of mess. My lovely mom in law without criticizing me handled the situation and favored me for being a naïve or inexperienced or sometimes forgetful… Ah! FORGETFUL… that sounded a savior  expression for my new life. I wanted to lean on that to lead a relaxed married life. I somehow proved them that I am a real forgetful person and was quite happy that some shortcomings in my daily  schedule would be obscured by  my catch phrase, ‘ oh my forgetfulness’! Though I am a very sharp person but that time to tackle the situation I got myself trapped in such circumstances that now people in my family started taking the advantage of my forgetfulness (which does not exist). If I questioned them they replied, “when did you say so”? ” Come on …. you are so forgetful”! ” Start eating almonds everyday ” was the advice by my dear husband. I know that now they are playing with me, but I can’t say anything because I started the game and I have to be on the ground just for the sake of that game. Now I have planned to prove to my family that I am eating almonds and doing exercises to sharpen my memory…. coz I really want to get rid of this never existing forgetfulness.

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