The Way Out of a Trap…

It was a complete new experience for me, a new world of relationships and feelings made me a little scared that how am I  going to manage all that in my new home. Every girl has to go through this after entering the matrimony, but in my case I felt a little tough as I was an overly pampered child by my parents and brothers. The first morning in my new home seemed to be like a show, where I was the center of attraction, all the experienced eyes were set on me and I wanted to perform according to the norms set for an ideal bride. So many tasks and just one me! I tried to spread myself thin and the result was lot of mess. My lovely mom in law without criticizing me handled the situation and favored me for being a naïve or inexperienced or sometimes forgetful… Ah! FORGETFUL… that sounded a savior  expression for my new life. I wanted to lean on that to lead a relaxed married life. I somehow proved them that I am a real forgetful person and was quite happy that some shortcomings in my daily  schedule would be obscured by  my catch phrase, ‘ oh my forgetfulness’! Though I am a very sharp person but that time to tackle the situation I got myself trapped in such circumstances that now people in my family started taking the advantage of my forgetfulness (which does not exist). If I questioned them they replied, “when did you say so”? ” Come on …. you are so forgetful”! ” Start eating almonds everyday ” was the advice by my dear husband. I know that now they are playing with me, but I can’t say anything because I started the game and I have to be on the ground just for the sake of that game. Now I have planned to prove to my family that I am eating almonds and doing exercises to sharpen my memory…. coz I really want to get rid of this never existing forgetfulness.

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1 thought on “The Way Out of a Trap…”

  1. Nice .. Thanks for stopping by and your encouragement,Reading your post reminds me soo much of myself….I am notso newly married but so often so forgetful….

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