Way back home



The phone rang; Neha rushed to the hospital and saw Tony in a very pathetic condition.

After separation it was their first meeting. He was an incomplete man now, with the crutches by his side. There was no soul to console him during this dreadful situation.

She controlled herself, and talked very sympathetically with her husband. He repented and apologized for disloyalty.

All her hatred for Tony had vanished away and her heart bore no regrets and no complaints.

Now she’ll bring Tony home, not because she needs him, only because he needs the love and care of a family.

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Let’s Do Our Bit (Retaining reading culture)


Reading, these days is restricted to academics only, reading for pleasure is replaced by movies, television and other electronic devices. The reason is that today’s lifestyle has really become hi tech, and people are so indulged in their own zones that if we talk about reading culture everyone finds it frivolous.  Since few decades with the emergence of technology reading has lost its readers to various devices. This is not a trivial matter, but a matter of serious concern. Our kids who have never tasted the flavor of reading pleasure, how will they know about it without a guiding force? Therefore, parents’ contribution is very important at the initial stage.

Our younger generation finds reading as a boring task, they read out of compulsion which can never turn them into good readers. A teacher of this century has an eminent role to play in developing reading habits and applying the appropriate reading skills to get the desired results from the learners. This can be achieved only by making the learners read the text carefully to achieve the right meaning. Different types of texts develop different types of reading skills in the reader, so a teacher needs to employ various activities to make the learner explore the text.

Advantages of reading needs our immediate attention-

  • Reading develops imagination-

In my literature classes, students would do the shortcuts in spite of my advice to go through the text first. Once I compelled them read a surprise text and assessed them in the class… the next day I showed them the movie based on that very text. Voila! My students found out that the imagination/direction they gave to the story was far better than the movie  they saw. This specific activity changed most of the students’ viewpoint in my class; in fact their interest grew in reading.

The movie visuals have its own restrictions, but our imagination is limitless and we draw our own interpretations which is the proof of our creativeness and constructiveness.

  • Reading develops creativity

Reading works as thought tapping, when a reader uses the situations in the story with different options it helps create new situations in the mind of reader.

  • Reading improves language

Reading helps in understanding the correct syntax, vocabulary and spellings.

  • Reading works as food for Soul

A soulful reading of an appropriate text gives so much contentment to the reader that can be said incomparable to any other thing.

How about cultivating reading as a habit in children?

I have started my first steps towards sustaining Reading Culture and the response that I have got is positive and I hope that my initiative and efforts will bring fruitful results

Charity begins at home, so have I done… in my house I have changed my corner room into a reading den, where a lot of books- mine as well as contribution from my friend circle are set as in a mini library form. The walls are covered with wise words drawn on the beautiful charts and floor with nice fluffy carpet for readers to sit and read comfortably.

We discuss before, during and after the reading in turns to give each and everyone a chance to express his/her viewpoint.

At this initial stage I have opened it for my friends and neighbors from 4-7 pm, three days a week, but I have plans to open it for larger number and for longer time.

In near future I will need few volunteers to give an overall look to the whole event and cover reading activities during holidays.

Running with the current is very important but building a superstructure without the base is just impossible and it is the joint responsibility of everyone to create an atmosphere where our reading culture should stand like a rock.


Why I Write


I am not a writer, I simply write to pour my heart out and to learn while being in the company of like-minded.

An introvert person since childhood, I found myself vulnerable (in terms of expression) in this whole world. Though everyone around me was my best hand… but I was not at all capable of expressing myself.

How to put the things together while having a conversation and how to deal with them was the problem that suffocated me a lot. In spite of the lovely support around me I just wanted to be mine.

One day few kids from the neighborhood bumped in and pleaded me to help them for their writing competition. Four topics to complete by the next morning was a very short notice. I could not refuse as it was the matter of helping kids, so I had to accept it. I don’t know about my school competitions but those four writings came out as something satisfactory. From then onwards writing became a separate world, ‘A world of my own’ to me, where I would escape very often.

‘Why I write ‘…

Writing helps me in-

  • Speaking my heart out
  • Voicing my opinion
  • Venting my feelings
  • Retreating into the world of my own
  • Polishing my style
  • Learning something new
  • Being in the company of like minded

Ones writing improve a lot in the process of writing. Writing blogs and participating in various activities incite the writers (upcoming) to turn their hobbies into a creative talent. Thanks to all the sources that take the initiative to encourage and motivate the upcoming ones like us.

Happy Writing!

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Beautiful Eyes

100 Words On Saturday

She entered the room shyly and looked at me; I was mesmerized by the glimpse of her lovely eyes. Those eyes looked loving, caring, and above all beautiful. My inner entity screamed with joy ‘IT’S A YES’…

That evening, sudden confusion erupted in the family by the twisted statement of our purohit.

Now it was a big NO.

Why this confusion now?

Tomorrow …….new meeting!!!

The whole night, her beautiful eyes kept following me in my dreams.

In the morning I came up with my decision, and was heard after big argumentation.

Maybe this is called ‘LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT’…………


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The Dazzling Damsel (Dubai)


Albatross my dream cruise ship, floating with pride on the glittering water of Dubai looks like gigantic jewel collection. Its regal existence communicates the phenomenal growth of an ordinary man on this land of gold. Working at Abra station was my first step towards my Albatross.

Swarming abras running the errands of commuting frequently, were my source of inspiration. Their roars seemed to be claiming that they are the lowliest paid yet hard working ones. Markets surrounding Abra stations that I would sneak in between my commutes were my windows to the world and portals to success.

Golden mornings with abundant heat melted the perspiring souls under blue umbrella, and by the time it was afternoon the exhausted city submerged into the siesta to reenergize itself for the warm evenings. In order to keep pace with the life, the panting town during the busy hours of the day usually compensated its evenings through affordable pleasures.

Gold shops like beautiful damsels, displayed glittering ornaments to tempt the buyer’s eyes to wear them visually – at least. Shopping spree in the air of the downtown had its magical effect on everyone. Dubai a visual treat to admiring eyes and an ultimate goal of aspiring hearts, was now the focus of my enduring will.

As the proceeding steps of my perseverance grounded on this land, the road that started from survival finally got the ultimate arrival. Dubai kept alive my aspiration and now my Albatross is one of the jewels that enhance the beauty of this Dazzling Damsel.

(This is the work of pure imagination…)

Oasis in the Desert



Today again Harry rushed out of home with a bitter mood and Neha nearly froze at the door.This was the routine of almost everyday. She  went inside the bedroom spiritlessly  and locked the door. She opened her closet, then the locker inside it, took out the envelop and hurriedly opened it. With great care she unfolded the letter and held the dried rose petals in her hands. With watery eyes she stared those petals. The last memory of Raj!!! Two years back she married  Harry and was in the process  to forget Raj.  Her first love Raj, would never fit into the frame of her husband, she knew that very well. Therefore, she practically chose Harry as her life partner  and moved forward.

The glittering world of materialism lost its shine within no time. Neha and Harry were not made for each other. She could not complaint to anyone because it was her decision. Undoubtedly her material desires were fulfiied, but there was no compatibility between the couple. She wanted to shout on herself, blame herself for such unreasonable choice. During those tough and troubled  times this letter from Raj seemed to be an oasis of comfort in the desert of her married life.

She has retained Raj’s love letter  as a substitute to carry forward her unpleasant married life. Whenever she wants to console her heart, these dry petals  appear as fresh ones through her watery eyes.

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