Why I Write

I am not a writer, I simply write to pour my heart out and to learn while being in the company of like-minded.

An introvert person since childhood, I found myself vulnerable (in terms of expression) in this whole world. Though everyone around me was my best hand… but I was not at all capable of expressing myself.

How to put the things together while having a conversation and how to deal with them was the problem that suffocated me a lot. In spite of the lovely support around me I just wanted to be mine.

One day few kids from the neighborhood bumped in and pleaded me to help them for their writing competition. Four topics to complete by the next morning was a very short notice. I could not refuse as it was the matter of helping kids, so I had to accept it. I don’t know about my school competitions but those four writings came out as something satisfactory. From then onwards writing became a separate world, ‘A world of my own’ to me, where I would escape very often.

‘Why I write ‘…

Writing helps me in-

  • Speaking my heart out
  • Voicing my opinion
  • Venting my feelings
  • Retreating into the world of my own
  • Polishing my style
  • Learning something new
  • Being in the company of like minded

Ones writing improve a lot in the process of writing. Writing blogs and participating in various activities incite the writers (upcoming) to turn their hobbies into a creative talent. Thanks to all the sources that take the initiative to encourage and motivate the upcoming ones like us.

Happy Writing!

Write Tribe Prompt

This post is the part of Write Tribe #4

4 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. thats true all that you said writing is the most wonderful way to vent out things and feel better about it later 🙂 Hope to see more of your works 🙂 and happy writing 🙂 🙂


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