Love You More


“Come to the table, food is served,” mommy called Nikki and Neil.

Both came rushing inside, “wash your hands first,” mommy widened her eyes with love.

She fed them and listened to them by looking into their eyes. I stopped (though I have a wooden heart) to smell the roses.

Whether it was dining, doing small chores, embroidery, homework or playing cards; mommy and family’s each every activity revolved around me.

 Mommy’s cup of tea with the newspaper after seeing off everyone in the morning relaxed me the most, and the afternoon gossip gathering while the kids did their homework was my favorite time of the day.

Yes, I am the kitchen table of this lovely household…

One day dad brought a magazine and showed some pictures to mommy, her face broadened with a smile, ‘it’s beautiful!’

Dad announced, ‘we’ll change it tomorrow.’

Mommy looked at me; gently put her hand on me.

The whole night I struggled with the thoughts of being parted, being taken over to some strange household.

 It was Sunday morning; mommy and dad went out after lunch. I was scared of being replaced. The bell rang; Nikki and Neil ran to open the door. I really wanted to be a real object so that I may not feel anything at all, but I felt…I felt that my cover was being changed. It was a designer table cover just for me. I could feel the gentle stroke of their hands. They both looked at me and smiled.

I wished I could say, ‘Love you mommy…love you daddy!’



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The Shadow of your Smile


Long back a little girl would get disturbed during the rainy season because she was not allowed to play out.

During those days she would seek the coziness of her dad’s smile which made her gloom go away instantly.

The girl’s understanding became clearer and she became a happy woman.

Once again it was a dark night casted with blind clouds… Father! She longed for him, but it was not possible.

Suddenly her heart guided her towards the direction of positivism. Again she was in the shadow of that smile which made her cross the obstacles with less effort and more confidence.


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It takes courage to be patient


Is it easy to be calm and patient when people misunderstand you and provoke you to react impulsively?

It’s difficult but not impossible. It takes courage to be in your senses and think from your provoker’s side. When your intention was good why did he/she attack you?

That day I made someone proud by turning my provoker’s  harsh words and misunderstood viewpoint into a normal scene. It was then when one of my acquaintances  instead of giving me information on my asked query, suddenly started saying out of the way statements on phone……..hold on! Take a break…..but everything was in vain. Although that lady is a decent and a dedicated personality at her work; that day unfortunately she lacked patience, listening and understanding.

But why did she behave in this manner?

Sometimes, people undergoing different types of pressures can’t control their emotions; due to lack of listening and understanding they land into misunderstandings.

I was taken aback by her response. I tried, but the things seemed to be getting worst. Unnecessarily, I was being dragged into a stupid kind of situation. Her outburst shocked me. It might be someone else’s rage being loaded on me.

Being an educator, I deal with many students of different culture and nature everyday, immediately I pinpointed that this is the case of misunderstanding. When you speak without listening, when you just hear and don’t understand, you land in these types of situations. Listening patiently to the hard and harsh words I tried my best to make her understand that my inquiry has been misunderstood. It took a lot of patience and control to change those fiery statements to the normal ones.

Well, I did this because I knew that my intension was good, but this could have ended up in a big fight if both the parties were impatient. I saved myself from being provoked. Finally that conversation ended up with a friendly note.

Now whenever we meet we hold the same regards for each other as we used to have before. That day after the chapter was closed I learnt that we should listen, not only just hear and should always think before we speak.

For the above mentioned controlled behavior of mine, all credit goes to my art teacher who was my next door neighbor also. She always dealt with people gracefully and patiently, and  I was always fascinated by her  way of handling the situations. I saw her and I observed her always.  Now I think I have learnt that lesson, but I am still on my way towards that charming and charismatic way of dealing with the people like her. Thank you mam… there will be many more like me who will be following you.

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Blessings of Rain (haiku)


Pattering pearl drops

A Blessing magnanimous

Planet prosperous


Image by Charles Roussel


Restless ambitions

Drenched in amiability

Completely quenched

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Loving & Living Memories


“Granny you won’t understand the value of those cards and letters!” Joana flared up on losing memories sent by his fiancé.

“Darling, I called that scrap dealer just to remove the clutter. I had no idea about your letters.” Emma defended herself.

“It seems I have lost my treasure, how am I going to get back to those lovely memories.” Joana left in anger.

Emma had lost her husband fighting for country when she was pretty young, but she continued her life proudly by loving and living his memories. Who else can understand the value of lost treasure better than her?

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Silent Meeting…

My first meeting with someone who was to be my life partner was an amazing experience. “When you say nothing at all…you mean a lot,” and that exactly his eyes did, he gave me an intense look and then pretended to mix with others. I found him as the only gentleman in this world…. Unspoken love was shouting inside me, ‘YOU ARE THE ONE!’ That mesmerizing look of him was my passport to the kingdom of his heart. Our hearts swapped their positions and were very contented to be there.

Gradually worldly responsibilities engaged us and made us more matured. Infatuated by lifestyle rather than life, we started treading in our own manners.  Though more concerned for each other our feelings somewhere became a little numb. Our relationship seemed to be like a faded painting where the lovers held each others’ hands with smudged faces.

“Love is not only walking hand in hand, it is walking for either in need. Love is not superficial it needs the lovers to get into the depths of the sea to seek the rare pearl of love.” I was impressed.

On our grand day after long, I could feel the same which happened fifteen years ago. I entered myself and again found him to be the only gentleman on this planet…his caring gestures and lovely smile made me shout again, but silently, ‘you are the ONLY one!’


I whispered to him, ‘When you say nothing at all…you force me to fall in love with you again and again.’

He said nothing, but gave me that same intense look and a warm smile. This re-vitalized our relationship and made our love story never-ending.


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