Love You More

“Come to the table, food is served,” mommy called Nikki and Neil. Both came rushing inside, “wash your hands first,” mommy widened her eyes with love. She fed them and listened to them by looking into their eyes. I stopped (though I have a wooden heart) to smell the roses. Whether it was dining, doing … Continue reading Love You More

The Shadow of your Smile

Long back a little girl would get disturbed during the rainy season because she was not allowed to play out. During those days she would seek the coziness of her dad's smile which made her gloom go away instantly. The girl's understanding became clearer and she became a happy woman. Once again it was a … Continue reading The Shadow of your Smile

Blessings of Rain (haiku)

Pattering pearl drops A Blessing magnanimous Planet prosperous Image by Charles Roussel   Restless ambitions Drenched in amiability Completely quenched Big thanks to Ruchira Shukla for hosting HAIKU contest and providing the tutorial. This is my first attempt and I am waiting  eagerly for the feedback. Written for-Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt: Haiku