Loving & Living Memories


“Granny you won’t understand the value of those cards and letters!” Joana flared up on losing memories sent by his fiancé.

“Darling, I called that scrap dealer just to remove the clutter. I had no idea about your letters.” Emma defended herself.

“It seems I have lost my treasure, how am I going to get back to those lovely memories.” Joana left in anger.

Emma had lost her husband fighting for country when she was pretty young, but she continued her life proudly by loving and living his memories. Who else can understand the value of lost treasure better than her?

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

This post has been written for: 100 Words on Saturday – Write Tribe 1- Lost Treasure

Photo courtesy: Wildcat


10 Comments Add yours

  1. afshan18 says:

    Its sad that granny overlooked letters 😦
    old letters r surely a treasure!

    1. shellymona says:

      True, even I love to treasure like Joana…but according to granny, heart is the treasure of memories…

  2. Amber says:

    Truly said, ‘Who can understand the value of lost treasure better than her?’ Very well written.

  3. The last line says eveyrthing.

    1. shellymona says:

      Thanks a lot Kalpana

  4. Beautifully written, but perhaps not having those ‘treasures’ will help her move on :-).

    1. shellymona says:

      Very true, life means moving on… Thanks a bunch

  5. Bhavya says:

    How sad that she had to lose those treasures of hers. But who knows, it might be God’s way of telling her to move on with her life.

  6. shellymona says:

    Perfectly true….life has to move on…..thanks a lot Bhavya

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