It takes courage to be patient

Photo by Diva Plavalaguna on Pexels.com

Is it easy to be calm and patient when people misunderstand you and provoke you to react impulsively?

It’s difficult but not impossible. It takes courage to be in your senses and think from your provoker’s side. When your intention was good why did he/she attack you?

That day I made someone proud by turning my provoker’s  harsh words and misunderstood viewpoint into a normal scene. It was then when one of my acquaintances  instead of giving me information on my asked query, suddenly started saying out of the way statements on phone……..hold on! Take a break…..but everything was in vain. Although that lady is a decent and a dedicated personality at her work; that day unfortunately she lacked patience, listening and understanding.

But why did she behave in this manner?

Sometimes, people undergoing different types of pressures can’t control their emotions; due to lack of listening and understanding they land into misunderstandings.

I was taken aback by her response. I tried, but the things seemed to be getting worst. Unnecessarily, I was being dragged into a stupid kind of situation. Her outburst shocked me. It might be someone else’s rage being loaded on me.

Being an educator, I deal with many students of different culture and nature everyday, immediately I pinpointed that this is the case of misunderstanding. When you speak without listening, when you just hear and don’t understand, you land in these types of situations. Listening patiently to the hard and harsh words I tried my best to make her understand that my inquiry has been misunderstood. It took a lot of patience and control to change those fiery statements to the normal ones.

Well, I did this because I knew that my intension was good, but this could have ended up in a big fight if both the parties were impatient. I saved myself from being provoked. Finally that conversation ended up with a friendly note.

Now whenever we meet we hold the same regards for each other as we used to have before. That day after the chapter was closed I learnt that we should listen, not only just hear and should always think before we speak.

For the above mentioned controlled behavior of mine, all credit goes to my art teacher who was my next door neighbor also. She always dealt with people gracefully and patiently, and  I was fascinated by her  way of handling the situations. I saw her, observed her and followed her.  Now I think I have learnt that lesson, but I am still on my way towards that charming and charismatic way of dealing with the people like she does. Thank you mam… there will be many more like me who will be following you.

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8 thoughts on “It takes courage to be patient”

  1. A really good lesson. Listening is part of communication. I will remember your post if similar situations arise. Thanks for writing on my prompt and linking up. Please can you add a link to my prompt on your post. Thanks.

  2. Well said. The best way to understand people is to listen to them. A very important and valuable lesson that we fail to implement in most situations.

  3. The thing is people go on blah, blah,blah, but when it comes to listening, they become indifferent. This leads to misunderstanding. You did well to behave normally with her.

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