After engagement John didn't want Anna to sing for the company’s Party. He offered her a drink which would choke her throat.The following day, Anna had been coughing and consuming cough syrup.  On doctor’s advice she had to give up singing until her throat was well again. His prank worked but his heart was in discomfort, he went … Continue reading Confession



Walking through the garden I felt gentle breeze going deep into my heart. It was a queer feeling. Why my heart was undergoing the pain of all changed situations? Why not hue and fragrance of roses match my sense of indulgence like before? Oh! I did not stop to smell the roses… My fault… WE … Continue reading Introspection

The Open Window

 Gazing through the glass door I saw the long weeds moving in the directions of the gentle breeze but I couldn't feel that breeze because I was on the other side where I was closed in myself; I could see but never dared to involve myself in that scenery. Confined to my restricted beliefs I was not … Continue reading The Open Window


Answer Within

At the stroke of midnight hour I stopped my work in order to take a break from my hectic schedule. I looked outside the window and saw the serene world from the 18th floor; it wasn't the first time, but today I felt something different. I was not in a hurry to get back to … Continue reading Answer Within


A Wise Fool

One fine morning I and my younger brother were waiting for the school bus,  I was in grade 7 and my brother in grade 3  at that time. My brother was holding his craft project very carefully which he had to submit for the school craft exhibition, so that day out of excitement he got ready … Continue reading A Wise Fool


Letters unsent – The Last Letter

Dearest friend, This is my last letter to you. I promise that I will never appear in your life again. But there are some questions hovering on my mind and I know that I won’t ever get the answers, still I want to try. What happened to you my dear friend? Why have you changed … Continue reading Letters unsent – The Last Letter



We all are aware of this universal truth that parents are the selfless ones who persistently show right path to their children, but do we ever realize that many times these little angels show us such a way through their purity and innocence that we feel proud in following their steps. In my case, when … Continue reading Reflection…