You are too Sweet… Honey!


Following Tara’s Diet Plan regularly, Adi at last satisfied his sweet tooth urge and tasted all varieties of desserts in a wedding.
Tara smartly announced, ‘darling today you’ve had enough, I think you’ll have to compensate for this, the whole week!’
‘Sure darling, I’ll avoid calling you “honey” for next few days,’ Adi smiled mischievously.

The above post is written for Write Tribe  Fiction- 55

Write Tribe

26 thoughts on “You are too Sweet… Honey!”

  1. A witty man with a sense of humour – nice. I gave up dieting a long time ago – just the thought of the word would make me hungry and I always ended up eating more. A nice take on the prompt.

  2. As a long time member at Weight Watchers, I smiled at this post. Very cute and fun. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change I keep telling my hubby who is doing a diet challenge with his sisters and driving me crazy in the process!

    1. True….lifestyle change for many but the ones with sweet tooth try to escape the situation and indulge themselves in their sweet world……Thanks a lot Cate

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