Friendship Forever…

Entering from the adjoining room, Julie balanced the tray of muffins on the counter and started arranging all the stuff in the shelves. Golden Bakers, a small bakery owned by Julie’s husband Nick run on the ground floor of a house facing the street was undoubtedly popular, but due to the economical issues she had to help her husband Nick in running it. After arranging the shelves she then flung open the door and gazed outside.

The usual morning scene rejoiced her the most, besides regular morning activities the thing which allured her most were the carefree girls going to their colleges dressed smartly in stylish outfits. She took a deep breath and thought about her impoverished teenage, her and Lily’s dreams were sky high; they always wanted a rich partner who could make their dreams of luxurious life come true.


Julie and Lily were not mere friends; in fact they were like body and soul to each other. They both belonged to the same background and shared the same life style. They always enjoyed each other’s company by releasing the stress of life through laughing unnecessarily. Lily was like a part of Julie’s family as she had come to study from the country side. That was their last year in college and they both were undergoing the same inner conflict of their future settlement. The frustrated girls wanted to spend as much time as they could together because they were unsure of their next meeting.

They both parted and life wheel moved on, in the beginning they exchanged mails and did calls frequently, but later it held a gap. Both the girls entered into the institution of marriage arranged by their parents. Julie adjusted after marriage but missed her dear friend more than anything.

In a period of time she stopped getting replies of her mails from Lily. The phone number went non- responding and due to her busy schedule she could not find any other way of being in touch with Lily. Days kept rolling on and turned into years.  She always cherished her friendship memories and thought, ‘those were the best days of my life!’

Julie often regretted, ‘if I was to be married then why not with a wealthy man!’ Though she was obsequious towards her caring husband, but from inside she held him responsible for making her sit in the bakery and work the whole day. But she was always thankful for getting married at right age and at the same time she prayed for her friend’s happiness too.

She took a deep breath of the fresh morning air and came inside the shop, put on her apron and cap and waited. Now she’ll bustle around to meet the customer’s requirements, she loves this part of the day, when she is surrounded by people. Nick also entered as usual, as it was their busy morning schedule. In the period of nine years Julie had become an expert under the guidance of her husband.

‘Hey! Pack these fresh fruit pastries….um, a dozen,’ a lady leading a group of hi fi  women, ordered Julie.

‘Sure,’ said Julie and raised her head. A gorgeous lady, dressed smartly with a branded bag on her shoulder and a wallet in her hand was in front of her. This was the woman whom she was always attracted towards.

‘Gosh!’ Julie shouted to her excitement!

‘Oh mine! She is none other but Lily,’ she fervently shouted ‘Lily! My dear,’ she started removing her apron and cap, Julie held her hands from behind the counter and was expecting a big hug from her dear friend.

‘Lily! I am your Julie, your best friend, your best mate of GT College!’

That lady looked with surprise and tried to smile but hastily hid the stretch of the lips, and produced wrinkles on her forehead.

‘I am so glad to see you again,’ Julie went on, ‘you have become a rich woman, lucky you!’ She awaited a positive response from her friend but that woman’s facial expressions guaranteed that she was wrong.

‘I am not Lily! By the way, who are you?’ She said looking at her group. The ladies laughed ridiculously, ‘let’s go out or she’ll drive me crazy. What nonsense!’ She turned and led her group outside.


Tears came rolling down Julie’s cheeks to see the flipside of the situation. She understood everything, serendipity has made her friend irreverent, and her superiority complex had overlapped her originality.  After the fiasco, all the customers stared at Julie which made her feel so embarrassed that she felt like dying.

‘Oh! Darling, I know you are missing your friend since long but it doesn’t mean that you treat anyone like this who resembles her,’ wittily Nick tackled the situation ‘I promise, someday I will take you to meet your friend.’

While putting on her apron and cap she thought, ‘I always wished for her happiness but she is so happy today that she can ruin the happiness of others very easily.’

She turned towards Nick and said, ‘honey I think there is no need of going and seeing Lily, maybe it can create disturbance in our lives, after all its more than nine years long.’

It was the first time Julie addressed Nick as ‘honey’; he gave Julie a warm affectionate look, and pretended as nothing embarrassing happened a little before. Julie also realized the factuality and determined to obliterate the memories of Lily from her mind and find pride in whatever she is blessed with.

Though Julie’s heart passed through a storm but, it gave her a vivid vision, to enjoy the colors of rainbow which looked vibrant to her.

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10 thoughts on “Friendship Forever…”

  1. Shelly somehow I was reminded of Diamond necklace. short story by Guy De maupassant. Its so true that we often get lost in our own mirages…

    I was thinking we could all get back to the WOW posts thread in blogadda and perhaps discuss our posts there, what say?


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