The Open Window

Gazing through the glass door I saw the long weeds moving in the directions of the gentle breeze but I couldn’t feel that breeze because I was on the other side where I was closed in myself; I could see but never dared to involve myself in that scenery.

Confined to my restricted beliefs I was not able to pour my heart out to anyone at that time, but on realizing my passion and getting an opportunity I wished to raise my voice and I started blogging.


Well I am new in this entity, but I feel as I have been given wings to soar as high as I can. When a bird flies it enjoys its freedom it never seeks admiration; such is the case with a writer (creative person) when he/she comes up with some unique ideas, and the happiness of that writer to see his/her work is similar to that of a free bird.

As far as my freedom as a blogger is concerned, I am telling you truly that when I want to pen down my outburst, half of it is gone and by the time I write it down, it comes out as writing full of compassion, the subject changes automatically and positivism enters compulsively.  

And I enjoy it as my freedom…because I love this transformation.

Picture courtesy: Pexels Images

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My blog is my window to the world from where I meet the lovely people like you. You have always been my friend, mentor and a guide because there is something special in you.

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