Being Within

  Sam and Susan, contenders of “Dream to Dance” contest planned to marry after the competition was over. While breathing life into his choreography Sam met with an accident and didn't get a second chance. Why happiness is so short lived? Susan danced solo to live Sam’s dream. Audience were awestruck; Susan’s leaps, moves, stretches, expressions, postures, … Continue reading Being Within


Is your Success all yours?

On the pages or on the screen, a protagonist wins the acclamation of the readers or audience, but what about the rest (who are not in the fore ground) are they appreciated for their strong support? In real life too many people who are actually in the background and deserve to be mentioned in the forefront are … Continue reading Is your Success all yours?

Luxurious Cage

After marrying Neil a well-known businessman Rhea looked forward for a hilarious and independent life, but her dreams of self-identity demolished like a sand-castle. It was a man’s-world; Neil like his father and brother found pride in being the benefactor. “The ladies in our family never go out to work coz they are the big … Continue reading Luxurious Cage


Close to Rainbow

Daisy could not believe life would be so cruel towards her. In only one week everything of hers was snatched away, whatever she possessed slipped away like sand from her hands. Her heart anticipated the black future which she had in front of her. Every tick of the second was making a thumping sound on … Continue reading Close to Rainbow


A New You

World Suicide Prevention Day 2013   She closed her diary with a blow and stood up with force, it seemed like a moment when inner anger leads someone towards danger. Now there’ll be an end to these dreary nights and gloomy days, walking fast towards the bridge she believed. Mind underwent internal conflict and heart … Continue reading A New You


Dear Seven…….

Dear Seven, Ever since the #Write Tribe festival of words has started with the theme ‘SEVEN’ you have become a popular FIGURE of the whole blogging community. You won’t imagine that you are hovering on several minds and staying in many hearts since the theme SEVEN was revealed. Analyzing my state of mind I can … Continue reading Dear Seven…….


Seven Speaks – Celebrating Teacher’s Day

Up and Coming Oral English Activities Modern educational technology has employed various approaches, strategies and techniques for the enhancement of English language system and language skills. TEFL training trains the candidates and transforms them into teachers; it also advice on professional development for those who are interested in pursuing ESL as a career. The new … Continue reading Seven Speaks – Celebrating Teacher’s Day