Seventh Heaven

We are celebrating #WriteTribe Festival of Words – a seven day blogging challenge – 1st September to 7th September 2013


The bell rang.  She froze at the door to see him back. He helped her but she was awestruck; never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought of his return.

The awe turned into The Happiness; she made him sit, went into her bedroom, draped herself in rainbow and sat in front of him.

Enthralled by the moments of his nearness she forgot her complaints. The words had no room, emotions handled the scene.

After that incident, she had never thought of such a lovely reunion. Both were near, hands in hands, heart in rhythm, lips silent, and the souls danced. Suddenly a harsh continuous sound brought her back from her seventh heaven, and she opened her eyes…

Few soulful moments are sometimes far better than the. . . . . . . Her heart smiled.


This post is written for #WriteTribe Festival of Words – Day 1

Write Tribe

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