7 Simple Steps for a Happy Life


In a nutshell

Do we ever enjoy the present moment?

He asked us before starting the meditation session. Though very simple his speech did wonders to our small group and we were simply attracted by his message. I thank him from the depth of my heart and share his message with you all…

When today was in future we were worried about it, and when it has become present we take it for granted by letting it go into the past. Why?

Because … we always run after the memories of past and worries of future. When the real thing shows itself we close our eyes to get back into the doubts and worries?

We are all familiar with these wonderful ways to lead a contented life, but we wait for that time when these thoughts are clicked by our minds, and we are ready to go with that Magic Wand of positivism.

Counting the blessings-


Complaining about inadequacies is our favorite past time and excuse, and we all excel in that undoubtedly. 

“What we already possess today is a real blessing.’ Do we count our blessings?

Even though small … a blessing is a blessing 



The counting of our blessings hasn’t finished yet and it won’t finish ever…let’s better show gratitude for tour blessings. Thankfulness opens more portals for more blessings to enter.


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Let’s be honest and consciously contemplate our thoughts. Are we emotionally or socially dependent on others?

Do we need the approval of society for what we do?

‘Listen to all but decide according to your own self.’ Self reflection can guide us throughout without confusion. We are expert advisers for our own selves. 


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A glass half full or a glass half empty shows our optimism or pessimism. If we belong to the former category we are content, but if we fall on the latter side we must do something…

Smiling eyes, friendly words and our sunny disposition produces positive vibes which encircle the others and get hypnotized by this magic.


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Changing with the world is the top priority of today’s lifestyle, but changing our old beliefs which hinder our inner growth is the topmost priority of our own life.


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‘Ripe fruits if not shared today will get rotten tomorrow, don’t preserve, and be magnanimous; your share will return back to you one day. It’s guaranteed.’


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An achievement is always worthy of celebration, no matter big or small. Celebrating our achievements gives us a boost for further advancement.


‘Live the present moment happily, your life will be filled with happiness…’


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This post is written for #WriteTribe Festival of Words – Day 2

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10 thoughts on “7 Simple Steps for a Happy Life”

  1. Quite true. About the one thing I am sure of about myself is that I have never altered my life to suit Society. To change every minute of all my years only in order to gain a good opinion in the few seconds anyone else has to think about me seemed the heights of folly.

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