Stop and Smell the Roses


Walking on the beach she was trying to get the answer to an unknown question. She had wanted to enjoy her life, but something always hindered her. Maybe she could get the answer today.

On the beach a small girl built a sand castle, she ran to call her father to see it; by the time she was back her brother had ruined it. She was sad, father patted her back, brother smiled innocently and she started again.

She smiled to see the girl, a lovely daughter and a sister…she recalled something and proceeded further.

She saw a family of three walking hand in hand, a wife and a mother balancing her roles. Again something clicked her mind and she walked further.

Today the life seemed to show her a connection with the world. The beach scenario filled her mind with new thoughts and many more roles to link with.

She got the answer… all over her life she waited for perfection and postponed celebration. Climbing the life ladder she had been balancing herself and focusing on the steps only. She always had a fear of missing a step or losing her concentration, and suddenly she found that she had reached the middle. She wanted to look down but the previous steps of this strange ladder would disappear once climbed upwards. She was witnessing clarity…

‘From tomorrow why don’t you join me for an evening walk mom; you would have got bored being at home every day,’ back home a daughter in law said to her mother in law.

‘Yeah grand mom… Mom is right!’ said the teenager.

Seeing a sparkle of joy in her mother in law’s eyes she felt revitalized.

Now she will step up cautiously but will see around to have a wider view of her relations…



 This post is written for Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 3

Write Tribe

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19 Comments Add yours

    1. shellymona says:

      Thanks a lot Shilpa 🙂

  1. Aditi says:

    Beautiful post dear!! The multiple roles that a woman essays have been portrayed in a new light! One of my fav 7 posts today!!

    1. shellymona says:

      This is the loveliest comment of the day!
      I am glad you liked it…..thanks dear

  2. subzeroricha says:

    The balance is important. And the story pictured that well…


    1. shellymona says:

      Yeah…and if we wish to change our surroundings we have to bring change in ourselves…Thanks a bunch Richa

      1. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
        Very thought-provoking post written with your usual flourish!

  3. Beautifully designed with words of wisdom:)

    1. shellymona says:

      Thanks Vishal for a lovely comment 🙂

  4. Kathy says:

    I felt so bad for the little girl whose sand castle was ruined. Sometimes you have to stop worrying about which step to take next and savor the one you are on because before you even know it, it will be behind you. Beautifully written!

    1. shellymona says:

      Exactly…making best of the rest…
      Kathy your comments are always filled with profundity.. Thanks very much

  5. chsuresh63 says:

    There you have it – live your moment instead of forever seeking perfection or losing it in comparisons and regrets

    1. Sheela says:

      Major portion of our life is just gone in looking for perfection…very true…..thanks

  6. Excellent…Generations and relations!

  7. Karan Shah says:

    wow beautifully written…its the best to live in present…because one can never change the past and as they say if you want to make the god laugh tell him your have planned your future

    you can check out my post here-
    Karan – Brother

    1. Sheela says:

      Exactly Karan….very wise….
      Thanks a lot

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