Seven ATE Nine

Pam is not at all happy with the Face book culture. It has snatched away the crown of an ideal daughter in law from her which she had been carrying with grace and guts since nine years of her marriage. Her sister in law cum competitor, Leena came in the family after the two years of her marriage and was constantly trying to impress mom in law. In the span of seven years she managed to reserve an adorable image in every mind, but was a little less than Pam.



The previous day Pam attended a hen party hosted by her best friend Jia, she had to drape herself in a completely stylish evening gown according to the party theme. As it was provided by Jia at the last moment, the choice option for Pam was none.  Firstly, she hesitated to wear the strapless gown but finally she gathered all her guts and rolled in the fun. Back home she was again a normal household person looking after everyone’s needs.

But this time something unusual happened.

Bingo! Her younger sister in law, Leena hit the bull’s eye without shooting. One of her Face Book friends attended that party as a guest member and now she had the pictures of her competitor, Pam posing as a model. A blessing in disguise!

In the evening on the 52 “LED TV Leena showed all the pictures of Pam to the mother in law, as a wonderful surprise. She was admiring the photos exuberantly. Mother in law was awestruck. Pam was speechless.

 ‘Mom, do you know why 6 is afraid of 7? seven years old Nick asked.

‘No’ Pam knew but she wanted him to win.

‘Because 7 ate(8) 9’ laughing loudly he ran to share with others.

‘You are right dear, 7 ate 9’ she murmured.


No one did wrong, she assumes…but finally she was not happy…



Do you feel the same?



This post is written for Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 4

Write Tribe

29 thoughts on “Seven ATE Nine”

    1. Thanks for dropping by….
      He is Pam’s son
      The last portion is tricky and humorous Q&A which relates well with her present situation.
      Hope you will enjoy well through a second reading 🙂
      All the best

  1. Ney, she couldn’t be the loser. The mom-in-law might be wondering, “Aila, where did she hide her beauty and elegance for so long?” Don’t you think so? 😀

    A well-written one quoting the disadvantage of FB. 🙂

  2. Well i know very well about that disadvantage of facebook…it is not technically wrong that we are doing but at times i like to hide my private life from people who are more interested in length of my shorts than their work.

  3. This was a fun narration and I loved the ending where 7 8 9! It reminded me of when my daughter came home from school years back bursting to share this joke she learned from friends at school. Thank you for the smiles today!

  4. the problems of fb and the relation of Q&A to the situation was very well scripted…but i felt the surprise or shock value could have also back fired on Leena and may well have worked for Pam…just a thought

    you can check my post here –
    Karan – Sisters

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