Soaring over Cloud Seven


Last weekend we got an invitation for a seminar ‘Dare to Dream’, it sounded cool, I thought of witnessing it. When I attended it I realized that it was a blessing in disguise. ‘A flight of seven minutes’ which we took on his guidance is worth mentioning and sharing…

He appeared in the room with a determined smile. His stance, vigor, voice and confidence were his credentials. He took over since he started and everyone followed him as if he was an illusionist.

He was The Dream Designer.

After a warm welcome and an introduction he gave a motivational speech on how to set our goals and how to achieve them. So far everything was Wow, but after the speech he asked us to close our eyes and follow his voice for the flight of our dreams.

  • The flight of the dreams took off in the form of guided meditation; in a dim lighted and quiet room he projected his voice in such a mesmerizing manner that all of us were bound to follow his voice commands.
  • Hypnotized by his soothing voice and descriptive instructions we traveled a world of our dreams.
  • He took us from our present to the zenith of our dreams and made us soar high over the seventh cloud.
  • The pleasure was incomparable to anything else in the world.
  • Finally he brought us back and handed us to our present self.
  • Our body and mind felt a unique feeling. Our spirits were sky high and we were re-energized, ready to start afresh.
  • He congratulated us and called for a celebration, with a chant …“I dare to dream because I can make it true and I will make it true.”

Now it was more than wow, we had a glimpse of our dream which was going to come true.

After the questions and answers session, we left for home. On the way back I couldn’t help reflecting on that evening.

He had made us believe that dreams are not the ones which we see while asleep, but those which make us restless and does not allow us to fall asleep.


This post is written for Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 5

Write Tribe
Image courtesy: Google Images

13 thoughts on “Soaring over Cloud Seven”

  1. I generally don’t dream very often. When I do they usually are scary or I see my folks. I am happy for visits from them in my dreams though. Very fascinating stuff!

  2. I love your post and I love guided meditations. They are so soul soothing. The journeys I’m blogging about are dreams I’ve had for years. Just before I opened your post I prayed they would come true. You know they say the Universe always sends back an answer. What an awesome answer I got. Thank you.

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