Dear Seven…….


Dear Seven,

Ever since the #Write Tribe festival of words has started with the theme ‘SEVEN’ you have become a popular FIGURE of the whole blogging community.

You won’t imagine that you are hovering on several minds and staying in many hearts since the theme SEVEN was revealed.

Analyzing my state of mind I can make out that all of us are formulating you in our minds 24/7.

While at work or back home I think of nothing except you. Though you are a prominent figure; I always want you to be everywhere.

Searching information about you has made me learn all the idioms, phrases, facts etc having you in them.

You are being elaborately searched, researched, written, read and celebrated on various blogs this week.

I thank you dear Seven for your support in making this festival A SUPER SEVEN HIT!!!!!!!


This post is written for Write Tribe Festival of Words – Day 7

Write Tribe
Picture source: Google Images

24 thoughts on “Dear Seven…….”

  1. You have no idea! I have going crazy trying to think of 7 things to write about. It was so much fun to see how different people interpreted and incorporated 7 in their posts. Very informative and enjoyable challenge this was. Hope to see you around for more such fun. 🙂

  2. 😀 Certainly 7 has become quite the hero in our lives!! I’m going to miss it!

    My first and to an extent the second post were planned…after that it was a roller coaster ride 🙂 which I enjoyed a lot!

    Still have to work on today’s post… 🙂

  3. Your poem reflects my state of mind to a Tee. I’m a bit sad that the vibrant interaction has come to an end but I do fervently hope that we continue this endeavour. If we can do it for seven days, why not everyday!

    Though I haven’t read all your posts, I was glad to be part of this challenge along with you. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Looking forward to continuing this interaction. Fingers crossed.

    Joy always,

  4. So agree to all that you said. Everybody is hailing to the King Seven for seven days now. Such lucky this seven is!

  5. I enjoyed this festival heaps and quite sad that it has finished. But your write summed it up nicely for all of us – yep that 7 dancing in front of us all the time.

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