Close to Rainbow


Daisy could not believe life would be so cruel towards her. In only one week everything of hers was snatched away, whatever she possessed slipped away like sand from her hands. Her heart anticipated the black future which she had in front of her. Every tick of the second was making a thumping sound on her wounded heart. She had ruined herself, crying and weeping in alone.’ Will the rest of my life go like this’? She questioned herself. But soon she realized that life demands something more from her, she wiped her tears and stood up with a determination; she dared to do that, which needs an iron heart.

How happy Daisy and Andy were on their engagement day, a month back. It was a red letter day in their life, because they had got green light from their parents after a year long struggle for approval from both sides. They both were delighted, it seemed as they were being showered by blessings. Exactly, two months after their engagement was their wedding day. So, in a very less time all the preparations were to be done, both the families were busy including Andy and Daisy. Everything was to be fixed; the venue, decorations, arrangements, invitations, menus, dresses….and a lot more. Tasks were unlimited and the time was short. Now only one month was left for that much awaiting day….when she turned blue to hear that unbelievable truth.

It was still vivid in her mind, what Andy told her on telephone a week before; she felt that hot liquid iron was being poured into her ears. ‘Daisy, it’s a bad news,’ she became alert…

‘Doctors have diagnosed cancer in my lungs, and it is the first stage………’ After that she could not hear anything else, as she was blacked out. After retrieving her senses she felt that something cruel has snatched away all her happiness and she is left all alone. She couldn’t make out, who was at the grim side, either she or Andy, but actually they both were. Andy’s ill health became Daisy’s ill fate, moreover, Andy convinced her, not to utter a word to both the families regarding his ill health.

As she was trying to emerge from that terrible condition and to act normal in front of her family, Andy gave her another setback. He called her and said that they should break up their relationship, because he did not want her to suffer just because of him. Daisy angrily refused and banged the phone, but Andy kept on trying continuously to make her understand the practicality of the life. Since last week she was in heavy delirium and was finding difficult to face anyone. The idea of being parted with Andy made her go crazy. She wished, whatever she was facing might be her nightmare, so that she can have a bright morning at least.

Passing through the state of imbroglio it becomes difficult for anyone to reach the proper solutions, and Daisy was not an exception, she kept on thinking the way to come out of this state of confusion. She was undergoing a terrible conflict in her mind. She thought that we people are never thankful in spite of having blissful life, but we blame destiny whenever something turn against our wishes. She thought ‘maybe, these circumstances are the test of our love’. Her positivism compelled her to look for a silver lining.

Suddenly, she wiped her tears and gave a call to Andy and asked him to meet her in the evening at their favorite meeting point, ‘The Golden Paradise.’ In the evening they both were in front of each other like strangers, she was meeting him for the first time after that horrible news. He seemed a little feeble to her.

Eventually, Andy asked the reason of their meeting. Daisy cleared her throat and soaked the tears from the corners of her eyes and proceeded, ‘listen to me and don’t stop me! Andy, whatever you advised me, anyone else at your place would have done the same, but now I’ll give you my final verdict’, her voice was firm, she added ‘I am always yours whether I am with you or not, so why not with you? I don’t know what destiny has in store for us, so neither I want to quit nor do I want you to lose the battle’. She further said, ‘I will be with you always and we will marry on the scheduled date’.

Andy’s eyes became wide, he said, ‘what! Are you in your senses’?

She retorted ‘After suffering one full week I have resumed my senses… I have a plan, we’ll marry on the fixed date and you’ll accept your company’s proposal of joining new branch. For our families we will be setting our new home in a new place, but there you will be undergoing your treatment.’

‘Don’t look at the situation through your rose tinted glasses!’ Saying this Andy stood up frantically, but Daisy held his hand tightly and made him sit with possessiveness. ‘Andy please! You do not have any other option.’

It was not easy for him to accept her proposal but her rational arguments made him bow down in front of her decision.

Now, Andy is not alone to suffer his problems, he has his better half with him, ready to face all his troubles. No doubt, their dreams shattered and they fell off on the ground, but that ground is of reality, true love, care, and faith towards each other. Hope they both succeed in their battle and come back as winners.

Wishing Andy pink of health…

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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6 thoughts on “Close to Rainbow”

  1. Heartwarming story with a message: instead of reacting immediately to situations like the one in this story, if we take some time to think and discuss, we may be able to come out with a better way of handling the situation. The final outcome is not in our hands, but how we handle the situation certainly is.

  2. Agree with Proactive Indian choosing whether you react or respond can have a dramatic affect on how your day, or life for that matter, unfolds. So, respond instead of reacting. Nice use of prompt and a wonderful story too!

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