Luxurious Cage


After marrying Neil a well-known businessman Rhea looked forward for a hilarious and independent life, but her dreams of self-identity demolished like a sand-castle. It was a man’s-world; Neil like his father and brother found pride in being the benefactor.

“The ladies in our family never go out to work coz they are the big bosses of the family…. So dress, spend, enjoy and look after the family… that’s your only job darling”.

Being a woman of substance, easily available materialistic-happiness was not Rhea’s choice. Now it’s a cold war between the charitable-luxuries and struggling-identity.

She wants to be truly alive, but…

This post is the part of 100 Words on Saturday – 4 – Truly Alive

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe
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18 thoughts on “Luxurious Cage”

  1. Most of the time, “easily available materialistic happiness” looks great when one doesn’t have it, but can be stifling once one gets it because it is usually accompanied by loss of genuine freedom and loss of identity: a very big price to pay.

  2. Depends on the individual I guess, some will happily go inside the golden cage and feel bad if are set free, then there will be some who will rather go fly in the sky than be in the cage. Very unique take on the prompt nevertheless.

  3. I have learned that money isn’t everything…and doesn’t hold the key to happiness. While it can help, it surely isn’t everything. Cages are cages no matter what.

  4. Great take on this prompt!! Heere moti etc etc….even if laid out on a platter I’d let them pass….what is life without the freedom to do as you please!

  5. beautifully written…what is the point of luxury if there is no happiness. Looks can mislead. Money is not everything.

  6. Thanks for writing this beautiful post. I’ve seen many cases, including a family friend with whom I share brother and sister relationship. She left the marriage after three months and it was a love marriage. We need to be Truly Alive:)

  7. But?
    What’s going on in her mind? 🙂
    But, Time was not to her advantage (to get out of the relationship), yet?
    But, she enjoyed the comfort of it in some ways?
    Nice take on the prompt 🙂

  8. A different point of view from me … sometimes we build our own cages. Perhaps Rhea can be a little more creative with her time and perhaps sprout wings and fly even while dressing up and spending and looking after the family.

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