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Is your Success all yours?


On the pages or on the screen, a protagonist wins the acclamation of the readers or audience, but what about the rest (who are not in the fore ground) are they appreciated for their strong support?

In real life too many people who are actually in the background and deserve to be mentioned in the forefront are seldom recognized. According to me a successful person should devote at least half of his success to the large team of his well wishers who are sometimes found almost invisible in the background. My aim through this post is to applaud for those unsung supporting people whose help and co operation is often ignored while they build a smooth and clear way for the ones who enjoy the appreciation of the society.

Let’s observe some situations and look for their answers-

A common homemaker, who does all the daily chores following the wishes of her family members, throughout her life, is said to be doing the trivial job rather than receiving a prize of appreciation for being a backbone for her successful family. What’s your say on this?

A coworker whose support, cooperation, comments, advice and competition helped us to get the promotion is looked down upon as an incompetent candidate. Is this rational?

A nanny who rears our children as a mother never gets the same respect; she is behind our solaced mind that attained success in the world. Will she be remembered as the strong part of our fame?

While we were accelerating towards our success path there were many who gave us room, forfeited their desires, stepped back for us; in short made our road smooth to walk on. Will they be given their share in terms of gratitude?

The list may go unending, but the concern is same…

Let’s be modest and spare a little time from our busy schedules to appreciate our selfless supporters, and show our gratitude by recognizing their support.

 This post is written in response to Suzy Que’s post ‘Free Write‘ on Write Tribe.


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20 thoughts on “Is your Success all yours?”

  1. Wonderfully written tribute to all those unsung heroes from our day to day lives.
    Awesome use of the Free Write prompt.

  2. so well said. We tend to forget the whole bunch behind our success, be family or the team. Often, spot boys, assistant directors and technicians are not given due credit when a film become a box office bonanza and many examples like this. Thoughtful write-up:)

  3. What a beautiful post and how thoughtful. So true that we often forget those around us who help us quietly. Gratitude is the way to happiness. Loved your post. Thanks for writing on my prompt.

  4. There are always people who contribute to our success and it is true that they are often forgotten. I have found that even though I do everything around the house and with the kids I get very little credit for it. If I don’t make money doing it then it doesn’t count. Makes me really feel like a nothing but one day I made a list of all the things I do compared to the one or two things my husband do which are big things but his tally wasn’t nearly as high. I started to realize that maybe my life does have purpose and maybe I am not completely worthless. If I weren’t here he would have to pay someone to do what I do. This was a lovely post and really struck a chord with me.

    1. In my opinion, a homemaker turns a house into a home and she is the soul of it. Active at all fronts like a professional and at the same time she provides shade of love and care to her family…I love this woman…
      Thanks Kathy for sharing your views…

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