Being Within



Sam and Susan, contenders of “Dream to Dance” contest planned to marry after the competition was over.

While breathing life into his choreography Sam met with an accident and didn’t get a second chance. Why happiness is so short lived?

Susan danced solo to live Sam’s dream. Audience were awestruck; Susan’s leaps, moves, stretches, expressions, postures, were so well-defined by her dance that the crowd kept chanting ‘once more’. Judges commented that they felt her dance through soul.

On being announced as winner she thought, ‘If only you were here……..’ she paused and corrected herself …’love you for being …within me’



This post is written for  -100 Words on Saturday – Week 5 – ‘If Only You were Here’

This Week’s prompt is provided by Kajal Kapur of Rainbow Hues.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe
Picture courtesy: Google Images

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