Inner World

A Journey to Faith


“Inner peace can help you overcome the outer chaos, no matter what conditions surround you, if your inner land is fertile you can sow the seeds of happiness and see them growing into prosperity around.”

Since few weeks Inspirational Speaker, RKG has become the talk of town. I had been hearing this, but as this topic was getting hotter and hotter my curiosity compelled me to discover  more about RKG.

That day’s party was purposely organized as gratitude towards RKG. The hostess, one of my good friends wanted her friend circle to see RKG’s enlightened personality. His ten minutes visit was the party highlight, but due to my hectic schedule I was too late for a glimpse of RKG.

ImageMy inquisitiveness led me to know more about him and his strategy of stress relief. I asked my friend, but her statement was vague enough. “He is basically from the northern part of the region; he is PhD in Philosophy with hands on human nature science and has worked as an expert in the field of humanities.”

“Hey……… Gracy! Can you please tell me how he treats the minds of the people?”

“I was so frustrated during these days since I was all alone by myself, children well-settled in their fields and husband too busy with his work. I had all the time for him but he had no time even for himself. That situation targeted the clashes and I started landing in depression. But RKG………..”

“What did he say to you?” I interrupted her.

“If you have any problem do visit him once, actually one meeting is enough.” She answered smartly.

“What is his way of approaching the client’s mind?” I was not in a mood to quit.

“Client! We are the needy, he is the helper. His aim is to get you relief from your problems…that’s it … he doesn’t expect anything from anybody.” She seemed like a devotee.

“Good Gracious! No one tells me about his way of curing the sick minds. Not a problem! I will meet him personally and will find about him.”

images (1)I requested Gracy to fix my appointment with  RKG. I wanted to find out his strategy and his intention behind his selfless service. The meeting was fixed on Saturday and I made myself busy preparing a tactical interview in the form of a problem which needed a reasonable solution.

I was at RKG’s house; I entered hurriedly with my pre-planned intentions. It was a big room with dim lights and peaceful environment. A huge nature painting was on the front wall. Soft instrumental music in the background was adding a touch of divinity in the atmosphere. As I entered the room I was mesmerized by its purity and calmness, I felt as my burden was offloaded at the door which I was carrying since long.

From the adjoining door entered a person with soothing looks. He made me comfortable with his smile and we sat for the meeting, he was asking about my intention but, his eyes were reading my mind which I felt with 100% guarantee. His way of talking was so miraculous that I felt like surrendering, his eyes held depth; his gestures led me to follow his mind. My words fumbled, and I could not look into his eyes directly. My tactics were lying outside the door with my doubts and suspicions.

“I know that you are doing well in your life and you do not need any kind of counseling, in fact you are interested in me and my ways of counseling. Well, I am not a magician I just try to listen to people carefully and with my knowledge and experience I talk to them and console them. I pamper them like children and make them do which a person would never do if asked to do the same by his/her own virtue. It’s just an art.” I was dumbstruck.

“Your gestures showed that you are on quest and want to know about me but your curiosity is now subsided, I am sure. That’s why I explained my way of counseling to you. Well, nothing is magical or supernatural here, everything is positive and my dear being positive is the key to a blissful life.” I felt the positive vibes throughout and I thanked my doubts that brought me in front of RKG.

“Thank you very much,” my words were full of faith with love and reverence towards him.

 images (4)

P.S- This is a tribute to all the motivational and inspirational speakers who have helped many to re create their way of living. 

A big Thank you to all!


Picture Courtesy: Google Images

6 thoughts on “A Journey to Faith”

  1. Well, nothing is magical or supernatural here, everything is positive and my dear being positive is the key to a blissful life.” Very true.
    I do not have much faith in the motivational speakers but my husband believes them. Maybe my time has not yet come or I am not yet ready. But I keep the windows of my mind open.

  2. It’s bliss and sometimes we need to delve within ourselves to find happiness and pure joy. It is an inspiring post and I feel so rejuvenated reading this one:)

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