Ignorance is Bliss!


‘I am an independent woman; I want to live my life by my own. Mom please don’t take it otherwise,’

While sipping her tea Mrs. Sampat recalled that had happened in her home a year back. Sim, her daughter in law wanted to manage all her affairs by herself; her son was against this partition, but to maintain the grace of their old age Mrs. and Mr. Sampat agreed for this.

From behind the newspaper the elderly lady watched the activities on the other side of her bungalow which was now her daughter in law’s portion. She felt pity for the independent life of Sim because she seemed to adjust 36 hours in one day. From waking up earlier than the alarm till sleeping after midnight was Sim’s definition of independence.

She recalled her life as a newlywed where most of her chores were shared by the family. Mrs. Sampat was ignorant of personal freedom; therefore she was adored by all and was content.

She is confused about what this generation actually wants: the tag of independence or the feel of it…

Ignorance indeed is bliss, she thought to herself because she led a blissful life being ignorant of such independence.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Picture courtesy: Google Images

16 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss!”

  1. A lot of people want ‘independence’ when ‘adjustment’ is much more practical.
    Of course, it is more important to be principled than to be practical.
    I am keen to see the responses to this post!

  2. This was such a beautiful post comparing and contrasting the differences between a Joint Family and a Nuclear Family, and it also brought out what is termed the Generation gap as well. Lovely take on the prompt.

  3. A true story!
    Every generation has its own interests and wishes. Parents find it tough to understand their children. The idea of freedom and personal space is important for certain people a lot more. It all depends on what the individual values. At least Sim is honest with the way she feels and is lucky to have understanding in-laws. The problem is when one fakes one’s feelings…

    1. It’s a good news that both the generations are stepping towards each other for the harmonious surroundings…Hope this succeeds…
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  4. Lovely take in the prompt and definitely thought provoking. I’ve been living happily with my in laws for two years now. Like every relationship, this as well is a give n take one. Adjustments are required at every step. Sometimes though the limitations and bindings can be exhausting and that’s perhaps the reason one vies for ‘independence’, to do things their way…

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