Outer show or Inner light

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Based on a quote from Earnest Hemingway

“When you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerous.”   (The Garden of Eden)


Tired Business ManHe returned back to his hotel with a bitter mood. Now he will have to change his further plans in order to meet the oddity in his business. He had been tolerating the routine troubles, but these days unique obstacles erupted without any prior notices. The ebb and flow of these irritating events in his life had become so frequent that he simply wanted to quit.

‘Why is it always me?’

‘Don’t I have the right to be in peace?’

‘Enough is enough… I am tired of this endless race; I need peace, peace, peace! ’ cried a human being…

‘You have been following your mind throughout your life my dear…have you ever heard the voice of your heart?’ ‘Have you ever had the glimpse of your inner self…your inner world?’

Saying this a super human-being appeared as an ambassador of peace to help out the Imageweary souls. Its name doesn’t matter because it is a thought, a thought that needs to get nurtured in every single heart. This super human-being has various guises and versions, but its philosophy is same and that is: ‘attaining peace through inner knowledge’

These ambassadors of peace, fountain of ‘knowledge’ have a miraculous effect on everyone’s mind; all the doubts are cleared instantly. Their simple and clear message is so effective that it gives the feeling of ‘thirst being quenched.’

Each of their messages predicts the situation of weary hearts and provides a solution. A clarification for a confused state of mind is always given by them in the inner entities. Their words and the relevance of their message with everyone’s life fill every heart with pure joy and contentment.

Image‘Inner peace makes us kind and kindness brings happiness which finally turns into joy, and that joy is indestructible.’

That human being instead of taking thousands of unnecessary actions to avoid the outer worries now takes just one action of discovering inner peace, and that has brought an incredible change in it… because awareness starts from within. That inspiration made him cross the obstacles with less effort and more confidence.

The truth, the reality, the beauty, the prosperity, and the peace you are looking for — you never lost it. Never… It was always within you.” -Prem Rawat

Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth. — Aesop (620-560 BC), Greek writer


I salute all the great human beings who are endeavoring to propagate the genuine thought of respecting humanity.

Inspired by the peace message of Prem Rawat…’A Unique Existence’



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 She was on seventh heaven because she was going to watch the movie based on her favorite novel which she’d read several times since her childhood, but while watching movie she felt claustrophobic as the visuals of the movie didn’t meet the standard of her imagination with which she’d lived that novel again and again.



P.S. Movie visuals have its own restrictions, but our imagination is limitless and we draw our own world while reading…    


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55 on Friday #WriteTribe

Being Watched


College days are always remembered as the most memorable days of one’s life and that too when they are full of fun, spontaneity, liberty and pranks. In my case, my experience has been quite strange.

Ryan my best friend was a handsome hunk and the heartthrob of the college. Despite being arrogant he was the Romeo of many female hearts, but no girl could ever strike the cord of his heart. One day as a ragging game Ryan bragged his group that he will play a prank on Sally and will trap her in his love; if he succeeds then they will accept him as their leader.

Impressing Sally was not a cake walk, but after trying too hard Ryan accomplished in his mean task at last. They dated each other and came closer within sometime…Sally was in love with Ryan.

On that fateful day Ryan revealed the reality shamelessly.  Sally couldn’t face that humiliation, and with her broken heart ran back to her hostel. She left the college and didn’t appear ever.  We finished our exams and bid farewell to the college. Ryan was my friend, but I never appreciated his nasty act of pulling the prank on that poor girl.

I was now trying to settle in my father’s office and was not in touch with my college friends. After a gap of two months I started getting messages from Ryan. We were getting connected again like before. One weekend he wanted to have a video chat with me; it seemed that he wanted to share something with me.

The video chat started, I was surprised to see Sally sitting on the sofa behind Ryan; I was so happy to see her with Ryan that it seemed like a big burden being offloaded my heart.

“Ryan hasn’t changed a bit,’ I told myself and waited for him to give the good news.

‘Hey buddy, I want to tell you something,’ Ryan started. In the mean time Sally got up and went out of the room. Ryan continued, ‘you know “Sally”…after that prank she got so disturbed that….’

‘That…..’ I was keen to know his twisted love story…

‘That last month she committed suicide…’ he was uncomfortable.

‘Since then I feel a burden on my heart and sometimes I feel claustrophobic….I don’t know why?’ Ryan’s voice started becoming unclear …

I was pale and had goose bumps all over me; I couldn’t react. I turned the camera off. I was Imageso terrified that I wanted to be disconnected with the audio also.

Suddenly the power supply stopped. I came out in my balcony, breathed deeply and started thinking about Ryan and Sally episode; ‘what was it that was visible to me today,’…my body shivered ‘ it was good  he didn’t know that he is being watched by someone from the parallel world…otherwise….’

Disclaimer: This is the work of imagination…maybe inspired by Halloween activities 🙂

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