We all are aware of this universal truth that parents are the selfless ones who persistently show right path to their children, but do we ever realize that many times these little angels show us such a way through their purity and innocence that we feel proud in following their steps.

imagesIn my case, when I learn to do something Right from my children, I really feel proud as their mom. I love to learn a lot from them because it reflects the learning which they have been imparted at home and in school.

The best thing which I learned from my children happened few years ago in the month of December. Christmas was around the corner, and like every year I was engaged in pre Christmas activities because according to me Christmas and celebrations go together. So trying to be more organized and up to the fashion I started planning for celebrations in advance. I was trying to be showier to make my kids happier than before. At my home, plans for a theme party on Christmas Eve were in the air.

By chance, my younger son’s date of birth falls around Christmas, so I always try to combine these two events in quite unusual way to give double effect to the occasion.

‘Mom! We will give you the shopping list after we are back from school, it’s still incomplete!’ My kids announced with enjoyment. Now my task was to do the preparations zestfully.

In the evening I was waiting for them but they were not on time.images (3)
‘It’s too late! They are still not back,’ I murmured to myself.
Suddenly the door bell rang, but the ring was not continuous, a non-stop ring is my younger son’s signal. Removing my apron I answered the door bell. My hubby along with Bob and Mike stood there.

‘Good Evening,’ I said to the trio. ‘Hey Mike, you did not give me the signal today! I was worried.’ He entered silently.

My sons’ slow and heavy steps made me uncomfortable. I was expecting a final list of ‘their requirements’ for Christmas. In order to get to the point I chirped to make everyone relax, ‘Hurry! Change and get fresh till I serve your favorite lasagna!’

‘Does anything unpleasant happen at school today, dear?’ I asked while serving snacks.

‘No Moms! Nothing.’ They finished without asking for second serving.

‘Guys! Please! Your mom is asking something.’ My husband was also surprised to see their behavior.

I led my sons to the drawing room and started a sports channel on television to comfort them.

‘Mom! Why do some children live in orphanages? Why don’t they have their homes?’ Seven years old Mike sounded too disturbed. ‘I saw a movie in the school, in which the children were in a very pathetic condition, they were deprived of all the things and they got the food after the completion of the hard task given to them.’

images (2)I was shocked to see Mike speak like this; I looked at my elder son with a strange look. ‘Mom,’ he explained, ‘this year our school wants to celebrate the “real Christmas” by making us realize the sufferings of poor and needy children instead of doing unnecessary activities.’ ‘We were asked to attend an outdoor class without our warm jackets and we had our lunch two hours later than our usual time.’ He added.

‘I see! Poor Mike is unhappy since then, if you say I can talk to your principal about stopping these revolutionary methods,’ I spoke this keeping in mind the backing of my Ladies organization.

‘Then our Principal explained that our suffering was not even one percent if compared with theirs,’ ‘mom, this year our school wants us to spread happiness among the needy than by being happy ourselves alone.’ Bob furnished me with this explanation.
I and my husband normalized the situation at that time, but during night I could not concentrate on my writing, my article was left incomplete. I thought repeatedly about the evening, at last my mind got tired and I slept.

Next morning, I told my family, how we will celebrate the Christmas this year. My sons gladly accepted and rushed for school. My hubby also gave me an adorable look and went. Now, I had many chores to finish, this Christmas will make me busier than before.

Christmas arrived, promising happiness for more and hopefully for many more.

On Christmas Eve, we all filled the trunk of our car with all the articles bought for Christmasdownload celebrations, and reached the orphanage a little far from city centre. On my invitation, all the members of my organization were present there with their families. I had discussed everything with the supervisor of that orphanage in advance.

We saw the kids there, were watching us with strange look, they had never experienced this type of event before, and then the committee members of our ladies organization took over the job of conducting the party. The children of the orphanage immediately got involved in all the games and fun activities and became a part of the party. Just like small angels, their faces gleamed with happiness and they were unaware of their past and future.
‘So far I had been trying to make those ones happy who really do not care for that, but today I am going the correct way. These children will remember this Christmas for the whole year.’ A sense of satisfaction made my heart very light and then suddenly I had a glimpse of Him smiling just like a child among them. ‘Good Gracious! I am obliged.’

‘Indeed it was a great idea to celebrate Christmas in this way, now we can follow this, as well as we can think of doing something more in this way.’ The president of our group diverted my attention.

‘Yes….a small step taken in correct direction definitely leads us to happiness and prosperity, and can be followed by many others.’ I agreed.

I gave a grateful look to my children for showing a correct way. I also gave my heartfelt thanks to the school Principal for making us realize the true meaning of Christmas through imparting value education to his students.

Learning Right from children will surely motivate them to do more and most Right.

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Re-posting to celebrate the spirit of Real Christmas

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Let’s do our bit (Retaining reading culture)

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words 8th – 14th December 2013

Day 3- Books (I’m re-posting one of my old posts because of its relevancy to the topic)

images (1)Reading, these days is restricted to academics only, reading for pleasure is replaced by movies, television and other electronic devices. The reason is that today’s lifestyle has really become hi tech, and people are so indulged in their own zones that if we talk about reading culture everyone finds it frivolous.  Since few decades with the emergence of technology reading has lost its readers to various devices. This is not a trivial matter, but a matter of serious concern. Our kids who have never tasted the flavor of reading pleasure, how will they know about it without a guiding force? Therefore, parents’ contribution is very important at the initial stage.

Our younger generation finds reading as a boring task, they read out of compulsion which can never turn them into good readers. A teacher of this century has an eminent role to play in developing reading habits and applying the appropriate reading skills to get the desired results from the learners. This can be achieved only by making the learners read the text carefully to achieve the right meaning. Different types of texts develop different types of reading skills in the reader, so a teacher needs to employ various activities to make the learner explore the text.

Advantages of reading needs our immediate attention-

  • Reading develops imagination-

In my literature classes, students would do the shortcuts in spite of my advice to go through the text first. Once I compelled them read a surprise text and assessed them in the class… the next day I showed them the movie based on that very text. Voila! My students found out that the imagination/direction they gave to the story was far better than the movie  they saw. This specific activity changed most of the students’ viewpoint in my class; in fact their interest grew in reading.

The movie visuals have its own restrictions, but our imagination is limitless and we draw our own interpretations which is the proof of our creativeness and constructiveness.

  • Reading develops creativity

Reading works as thought tapping, when a reader uses the situations in the story with different options it helps create new situations in the mind of reader.

  • Reading improves language

Reading helps in understanding the correct syntax, vocabulary and spellings.

  • Reading works as food for Soul

A soulful reading of an appropriate text gives so much contentment to the reader that can be said incomparable to any other thing.

How about cultivating reading as a habit in children?

I have started my first steps towards sustaining Reading Culture and the response that I have got is positive and I hope that my initiative and efforts will bring fruitful results


Charity begins at home, so have I done… in my house I have changed my corner room into a reading den, where a lot of books- mine as well as contribution from my friend circle are set as in a mini library form. The walls are covered with wise words drawn on the beautiful charts and floor with nice fluffy carpet for readers to sit and read comfortably.

We discuss before, during and after the reading in turns to give each and everyone a chance to express his/her viewpoint.

At this initial stage I have opened it for my friends and neighbors from 4-7 pm, three days a week, but I have plans to open it for larger number and for longer time.

In near future I will need few volunteers to give an overall look to the whole event and cover reading activities during holidays.

Running with the current is very important but building a superstructure without the base is just impossible and it is the joint responsibility of everyone to create an atmosphere where our reading culture should stand like a rock.

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