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Reliving Memories

I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words 8th – 14th December 2013

Day 1- Memories

As she walked on the crispy leaves of autumn, that rustling sound shivered her body. How nice was everything before, but now it seems that her heart chases the time and her mind flashes thoughts at a very fast pace. She feels like being torn apart because she is unable to cope up with all that.

imagesWhy did this happen to her? Struggling with such thoughts she returned back home and like every day she took out her album and within a moment started reliving her memories.

How magical it feels when we enter the kingdom of our sweet memories. A trip that is enchanting as well as safe, it filters the oddity and sustains the brighter side.

But there is a memory which Gloria feels should have had some other ending. She relives it daily and feels perfect about everything else, but the way John was separated from her seems totally unjust to her; everyday she weaves a new climax for her story to keep their love alive, but her heart never finds solace…

She’s in need of a peaceful sleep…will she ever get that being alive?

10 thoughts on “Reliving Memories”

  1. Am assuming that this is the first post in a series using the Write Tribe prompts…liked the beginning and the possibilities it provides 🙂

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