Compliment – an expression of love

It was Kevin’s phone. ‘Shelly …the things are getting worse, she has changed a lot, whenever I talk to her there is always a fight…what shall I do?’ ‘Now what happened?’ I expressed concern. ‘I simply told her that the food is not perfect, she blasted; I don’t know why she has become so high … Continue reading Compliment – an expression of love

For good reason

Ruby’s contribution in this company has made it stand among the biggest fashion houses of the town. But now the new director finds her as the highest paid staff for no reasons. According to him the young and innovative staff can create new ideas on less salary. Very strategically he made Ruby the target of … Continue reading For good reason

Impressions …

  I was sitting among the VIP’s and was too nervous. The pleasant spring evening was unable to get me out of that anxiety. Though Andy had performed locally on several occasions, it was the first time that he was performing for such huge audience. Andy appeared with his group; calm, cool and confident. He … Continue reading Impressions …

In bliss

Jay is nothing without his wife Rhea. Rhea, besides being a devoted wife and a loving mother of two teenagers, is the backbone of the whole household. Her home seems like a paradise on earth. Two years back this paradise was mine…only mine; I was the soul of this family. How fast things change in … Continue reading In bliss