Compliment – an expression of love

imagesIt was Kevin’s phone.

‘Shelly …the things are getting worse, she has changed a lot, whenever I talk to her there is always a fight…what shall I do?’

‘Now what happened?’ I expressed concern.

I simply told her that the food is not perfect, she blasted; I don’t know why she has become so high tempered.’ Kevin was going through tough phase in his marital life.

I knew what the problem was…

Sometimes we live our lives in such a robotic way that we forget some etiquette like praising or admiring our dear ones. As we all know that a sincere compliment boosts ones morale, so why do we take our spouses for granted?

As soon as we cross few years of our married life we are so exhausted by our relationships that we look around for fresh air.

Hey guys…take a break! Learn to compliment.

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 5.13.56 PM

To strengthen the foundation of relationship at this phase, small compliments play a very vital role. Appreciating your partner can do wonders in the long run.

Kevin is a loving husband, but sometimes he lacks talking strategically. I advised Kevin to compliment Angela just like that, he looked at me with a confused expression…I told him to compliment Angela for anything else instead of pointing out her shortcomings in the beginning.

He left hesitatingly, and didn’t turn up for a week, I was worried about him. On the eighth day he showed up with a surprise. My suggested therapy had started working from the very first day and his life was running on the right track. His compliments boosted her spirits and changed her awkward behavior. Admiring techniques were fixing their marriage bond.

He thanked me a lot for bringing freshness in his married life. For me this was one of the best compliments I had received because my faith uplifted after this. I thought how magical these compliments are, free of charge and invaluable…

This post is written for: Write Tribe’s National Compliment Day Celebration 

15 thoughts on “Compliment – an expression of love”

  1. For a relationship to work and work smoothy it is a must that we know the positive and negative traits of each other – with a notion that nobody is perfect being humans. Work on negative points or even glossing these sometimes but without any show offs.

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