Silent Meeting

The Language Of Love – A Write Tribe Contest

valentines_contestMy first meeting with someone who was to be my life partner was an amazing experience. “When you say nothing at all…you mean a lot,” and that exactly his eyes did, he gave me an intense look and then pretended to mix with others. I found him as the only gentleman in this world…. Unspoken love was shouting inside me, ‘YOU ARE THE ONE!’ That mesmerizing look of him was my passport to the kingdom of his heart.

Our hearts swapped their positions and were very contented to be there. Gradually worldly responsibilities engaged us and made us more matured. Infatuated by lifestyle rather than life, we started treading in our own manners.  Though more concerned for each other our feelings somewhere became a little numb. Our relationship seemed to be like a faded painting where the lovers hold each others’ hands with smudged faces.

Love is not only walking hand in hand, it is walking for each other in need. Love is not superficial it needs the lovers to get into its depth, and seek the rare pearl of true love.

images (1)On our grand day after long, I could feel the same which happened fifteen years ago. I entered myself and again found him to be the only gentleman on this planet…his caring gestures and lovely smile made me shout again, but silently, ‘you are the ONLY one!’ I whispered to him, ‘When you say nothing at all…you force me to fall in love with you again and again.’ He said nothing, but gave me that same intense look and a warm smile. This re-vitalized our relationship and made our love story never-ending.

“Listen with ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love” ― Rumi

Today’s quote was inspired by Vishal Bheeroo Reposted

19 thoughts on “Silent Meeting”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Shellymona, it’s very kind of you.
    Love the powerful words, Love is not only walking hand in hand, it is walking for each other in need. One should delve on them and your take is simple yet powerful.
    Hope you enjoyed an amazing V Day:)

    1. Thanks a lot Vishal for your lovely comments…

      Love is all around…
      Amazing posts and wonderful comments from lovely bloggers added an extra shade to the occasion…

  2. Nice:-) Love is when we need a person most and he is available for us. Love is when we fight badly but can’t stay without talking to each other and say sorry and move on. Love surpasses ego . Love is caring for small things. Loving doesn’t require one person to I Love you again and again. Actions are more powerful than words. So small sweet gestures like ” did you had lunch ?” or other shows that a person in his busiest life still cares for you. 🙂

  3. Just to let you know that I was here – over a year late – but I’m reviewing the entries to make sure the results of this contest are announced finally. My apologies for the inordinate delay. Keep writing!

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