Spreading Smiles


Write Tribe Festival of Words #3 : Free Write

277174_188780927829143_1282826605_nLast evening I was invited at my friend’s party. It was a huge gathering, and like any ostentatious party it had every element of extravagance in it. From theme decorated venue to the hostess’s designer outfit, every element was flamboyant; which seemed to be an exaggerated show of status rather than meeting with friends.

While returning back home, a thought struck my mind. We people do so much expenditure to maintain our status, and when we have to spend for a noble cause our thinking starts processing; even after that we do not reach any conclusion. Like spendthrifts, we buy unnecessary expensive items, but when the question erupts for any charity, we all pretend, as we have not heard. No doubt, there are people who do a lot for a good cause without letting others know, but those are only countable.

The ones, who can really afford, if they cut off only ten percent of their extravagance and involveImage themselves in any charity cause, are sure to bring changes in our society. The smiles on the faces of the impoverished will give them immense pleasure, which will be incomparable to any other pleasure gained by spending money.

So let’s all be responsible, and light just one little candle. If everyone follows the same path there will be sparkling and smiling candles all over the world, and then our planet will be the brightest one in the whole universe.

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9 thoughts on “Spreading Smiles”

  1. Very well said.I have seen people pay 15% tip in a restaurant but would haggle with a woman selling palak for two rupees.We have a wrong sense of ego and importance. It is in giving that the real worth of people is to be measured.A good idea that even if a small percentage of income is set apart for charity to the deserving,it would be considerable..A thoughtful post indeed.

  2. Nicely said! And so true. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but I also truly believe: No one can do it all, but every one of us can do something. And even though it is just a little for us, it may make a world of difference to someone else.

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