I know why the caged bird sings- Maya Angelou

Write Tribe Festival of Words # 3- Book review

It’s not exactly a book review, it’s my love towards the book and its writer who is a true inspiration for all of us.


My all time favorite book is Maya Angelou’s I know why the caged bird sings. It showcases patience, persistence, power and determination of a black girl in the racist society of 1930s.

Maya Angelou describes her own life during 1930s and 40s in Stamps, Arkansas where she is grown up in her paternal grandmother’s home with her younger brother after her parents’ divorce.

The racist atmosphere during that time gives a perilous childhood to Maya.  Her mother’s live in boyfriend molests and rapes her; leaving her in the feelings of guilt, fear and frustration.

Some positive incidents in the book tell us that she considers her grandmother as her idol figure and her brother as her only friend on whom she relies during her bleak times. Mrs. Bertha Flowers is an educated lady who introduces her to literature reading and the church sermons fill her with strength to face the oddities.

After every tough situation she finds herself a little stronger than before.

At the age of 15 she becomes the first African American woman to get the job of street car conductor. She becomes pregnant at the age of 16 and hides the reality from her mother and step father until she graduates high school.

The book ends at a positive note where Maya finds herself as a proud and confident mother of a newborn son.

My most favorite part of the book is the moment when she sees herself in the uniform of street car conductor and feels herself self contented for the first time in life.

If we love ourselves and if we believe in ourselves then I know why the caged bird sings is a must read for us. It truly re-energizes the power in the women.


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5 thoughts on “I know why the caged bird sings- Maya Angelou”

  1. Maya Angelou’s quotes and speeches are quite inspiring.
    She is an amazing human being..
    I will see if the ebook is available.. the book seems to be quite interesting and inspiring 🙂

  2. I remember reading this book many, many years ago. While I can’ really recall the details of the story but the memory of the experience of going through it has stayed with me. Quite a remarkable book!

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