Endless Blessings

Write Tribe- Festival of Words #3- Fiction 55

imagesJoe’s back from his boarding school. I’m in confusion how will I explain him about his grandmother’s death that happened 15 days ago in our home town.
Joe came running happily from his room, ‘momz…love you for this pleasant surprise!’
He continued, ‘and you know grandma’s saying now she will stay with us forever!’

This post is written for:
I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. And so she will, she will!

  2. Grandma’s spirit will always stay with Joe.

    1. shellymona says:

      Yes… always to show him the right way

  3. Ohh..okay.. The spirit !!

    1. shellymona says:

      yeah ….the good one!

  4. I can’t help feel sad but it has a powerful message, mom will stay with him forever:)

    1. shellymona says:

      She will …..for sure…
      thanks Vishal

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