My Angel

Write Tribe- Festival of words #3- International Women’s Day 2014

A mother can change herself and others for the sake of her children… 

I was gazing at her beautiful face, while sleeping she looked like a tiny beautiful princess. Her curly golden locks waved on her pretty face making her even prettier. But this bundle of joy will be separated from me now! ‘How we will survive without each other’? ‘How will I dare to contradict my Husband’s decision’? My heart pined. Angel! My Angel is a very cute child but not with the combination of beauty with the brains, she is seven, but her brain is underdeveloped. A glimpse of my Angel blossoms the hearts of many but the next moment all those hearts are filled with sympathy towards her.

stock-photo-beautiful-three-year-old-mixed-race-girl-in-baggy-men-s-suit-close-up-over-white-57458602Last night, every one voted against Angel’s further more stay at home, because the party last night was spoiled by her. During the party she, came down without being noticed by the maid and was being admired by a guest couple, ‘Wow Mrs. Smith your daughter’s really an Angel’! Poor Angel threw a tantrum to get rid of them, which created a big scene and my Angel was blamed for all that.

‘This girl ruined my social image today’, ‘every time you obviate this matter but now, its impossible’, my husband, gave the final verdict against Angel, ‘tomorrow we will take Angel to Happy Home for admission, and I am sure she will be accepted there, it will be good for her future’. After delivering this verdict he rose up with firm expressions. Like father, like son, my older son Bob who is fifteen said, ‘dad, Angel can learn something if she gets the training there’. ‘Gosh! It was so embarrassing, when she did all sort of tantrums in front of everyone’, added Mike who is thirteen.

In my family; every decision was taken by my husband. Even I favored it because he always did itu15937661 right and I had a blind faith in him. But, today his decision proved wrong, totally wrong! Now my family members are planning to send her to the home for mentally retarded. ‘Is this the result of blind faith’? Bob and Mike never had much liking for Angel, and she was always disdained by them. ‘Mom please take her away from here; see what the hell she is doing’! A very common statement made by them regularly. It was no one’s fault; she always bothered everyone despite of continual warnings, but she was not to be blamed. It became my full time job to look after everyone and specially her and settling all the matters and apologizing on her behalf.

Suddenly, my thoughts scattered, as my hubby appeared along with the boys and said, ‘come on Honey, get ready fast, or we will be late….’

‘Angel is not going anywhere’! It was my stern reply

‘But we decided last night’, he said back.

‘You decided, not me’ I retorted.

stock-photo-beautiful-little-girl-plays-with-mother-s-jewelry-close-up-140159425My Hubby was confused to see me argue like that, ‘but…..’ he could not say anything further.

‘Since the birth of Angel who has been looking after her, who had been with her whenever that poor child called for help’? I fired.

Looking at my sons I blurted, ‘If it were you instead of her, then’?

‘If normal people’s decision is this, then why should we blame that poor child’? I said angrily.

My hubby understood the situation and did not utter a word.

My sons stared at the corners out of remorse.

I declared, ‘if anyone tries to contradict me, Angel will not go alone of this house, I’ll be with her always’. They all never expected this situation and showed repentance through their gestures. After a pause I said, ‘and I hope that you all will help me to bring up Angel in a way she deserves’.

I wondered at this unanticipated encounter, I couldn’t believe. Its true, a mother is always with mother-daughter-clipartthe child who needs her more.

Suddenly, Angel woke up on hearing the noises; she stared at me with a frightened look, as it was an unusual scene for her. Analyzing and acting promptly on the situation my hubby made an announcement to my astonishment, ‘guys lets take Angel out for a drive’. He came forward, held her finger and led her out. Confused Angel turned back and was delighted to see me and brothers following her. Indeed, it was a bright morning for all of us!


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I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

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22 thoughts on “My Angel”

  1. Touching story. The mother did the right thing by standing for the daughter and respect for such parents. However, the same cannot be said for those who care more bout’ the social image..

      1. Change is desirable and I strongly believe that we need to live in a way that brings the best in us and not according to whims and fancies of society. Somewhere, I am glad the rebel side in me is still alive:)

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