Aspiring Teachers


A child miseducated is a child lost (John F. Kennedy).

Accolades and applause may be alluring, but for an educator his/her job of building the foundation of our coming generations is award winning in itself. According to me, a studen’t progress as a learner and as human being is the best reward a teacher can ever receive. 

I am an educator by profession, but if I ask my heart it wants to be a lifelong learner. In other words my head teaches and my heart learns and this has proved to be a great combination which is leading me continuously towards being a 21st century teacher and keeping alive my aspiration.

Appreciating the educators, who  taught me and guided me during my educational  or professional period, is a way of  paying forward because I’ve learnt a lot from them, and at this point of time, I want to share some of my experiences to keep up the aspiration of those teachers who are towards their goal of educating their learners.923525_10152292974200435_1371273016_nSome helpful tips for a 21st century educator

  1. Integrate different approaches in your teaching and plan your lessons according to your class requirements.
  2. Your lesson plan should be attention captivating.
  3. Have warm ups, fillers and a backup plan ready at hand.
  4. The atmosphere in your classroom should be friendly and disciplined.
  5. Your teaching should be flexible enough to welcome changes, newness and spontaneity when needed.
  6. Feedback of your teaching helps you to develop further.
  7. Consider your present or previous workplaces as the school of your experiential learning.
  8. Attending Professional Development Workshops enhances a teacher’s capability to do more creative. After all learning is a lifelong process.
  9. Introspection.
  10. Use technology as a device to lessen your hefty tasks.
  11. Believe that failure is an event not a person, so take your or your learner’s failure positively.
  12. Sharing means caring (share your work with your colleagues and co workers, that’s going to make you an expert)
  13. Count your strengths, you will overcome your weaknesses by being a learner.
  14. When you feel demotivated while doing something, do not carry on…take a break do something else (totally different), then return back to your previous task…you will feel re-energized… TRY IT OUT.

I am a teacher, and I believe in educating my students instead of simply teaching them. Our students are the promising generation that can fulfil our dreams of an ideal world.

An example of aspiring teacher which was shared by Corinne of ‘Everyday Gyan‘ inspired me a lot…  Check it out…


Happy Teaching!

A pinch of Pollyannaism

Motivation is changing ones life by changing its thinking…

This post is written for- Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

21 thoughts on “Aspiring Teachers”

  1. A very nice post, Sheela. It is nice to see a post dedicated to teachers. I am doing a theme on Indian education for this A-Z challenge and am planning a few posts related to teachers. Hope you will find them helpful in some way 🙂

  2. Good post Shellymona 🙂 I’m a lecturer and yoga teacher cum writer cum multi-other stuff and your posts applies to everything. Have a great blog journey 🙂

  3. Teaching must one of the most underrated professions… I dono if we relaise future of India lies in the hands of our teachers….

  4. Hello from a fellow A to Z blogger. As a retired teacher I could not agree with you more. In my teaching career I was blessed to teach a wide range of students including preschool, high school and college ages. At the university I taught in the teacher prep department. I wish I could have had a copy of your blog to give them. Well done!

    1. Good to hear about your teaching career…my post is dedicated to the teachers like you who teach us to educate students instead of simply teaching them. Thanks for the comments…

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