A-Z April '14

Count your blessings


Coping with a weird situation these days Maria has started feeling like a Robot. 

Maria and Remo are in the same company. Maria is working here since four years, but her husband has joined recently. All this happened when Remo simply applied in Maria’s company and was called for an interview. The HR impressed by Remo’s sunny disposal was keen to employ him as an AD, despite the fact that he was their employee’s relative.  

Since then Maria is not comfortable at all. She doesn’t find any charm in her personal and professional life. It’s hard for her to accept the changes. On the other hand, Remo, a person with magnetic personality has made a lively environment in the office and everyone adores him.

 Maria always shares her problems with me; but this time Maria was too disturbed. After listening to her I decided to give her the pollyanna potion instead of simply nodding my head just to keep her heart.

Our talk in simple:1148762_713085822067275_1950072410_n

Maria- The whole office now adores Remo…

I- Is this bad?

M- but now I work under him…

I- It’s better than working under anybody else. Isn’t it?

M- He always called me boss at home…

I- You still are.

M- I can never be better than him…

I- there’s no need to be! Try to compete yourself not him.1150303_684517668229907_1457788260_n

M- Sally you are my friend and you are favoring him!

I- I am your friend, but I need to show you the right way.

M- Sometimes I think of looking for another job…

I- Why not? If you get one better than this.

M- I feel like being caught from all the sides…even my best friend doesn’t console me by saying that what I feel is right…

I- It’s not right. It’s natural, because changes are natural, and they are not accepted easily. You can never get a customized life, Maria.

(Now Maria did not retort, she started listening…)

I- Whatever you get depends upon the way you accept it. Today means present and present means gift, so accepting a gift positively is the proper etiquette rather than accepting it with complaints.

For a moment, count your blessings…

Your hubby is in front of you, you can know of his whereabouts. You will never complaint about him giving you less attention and time. In addition, your commuting hours will be spent together. 

A responsible senior, who can empower your status, is a competitor for you?

Maria, managing your life smartly and being clear will make your life as beautiful as paradise.

(Trying to change the mood of the atmosphere, I cracked a joke)

Now see I had sent a message to my darling hubby  2 hours ago, he hasn’t replied yet…if I were at your place, I had found him in the office around.

Our talk ended with a hearty  laughter. I wish Maria a new life with new perspective.

A pinch of Pollyannaism-1508066_808964979120236_309910562_n

Flow with the current of life, it’s definitely going to take you through beautiful ways you’ve never thought of…Enjoy your life!


This post is written for:

 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)

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14 thoughts on “Count your blessings”

  1. Hey Shellymona. You are very inspiring! It’s funny how I sat on my bed this morning looking at what in had instead of what I don’t. Lo and behold, I come across your post. Just great! I made my day. Thanks for visiting my blog! xoxo!

  2. Beautiful post:-) So important to count our blessings , and only we – ourselves can be responsible for our path in life, the decisions we make…

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