When an unexpected guest slid in…

Written for  100 Words on Saturday 2014 #10

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014) Day 7

“How to get rid of this rat…?” Saying this mom rushed into the kitchen; we followed her.

A hissing snake slithered through the kitchen; mom pushed us back, but in a split of a second it disappeared behind the door.

Mom strictly warned us to be aside.

Neighbors came in for help, nothing could trace it out.

All the things were shifted to lobby, and kitchen was locked. It was declared that it must have vanished through the mice holes.

After dinner we saw our unexpected guest slithering out of the box near which mom sat while cooking the food.

P.S- This is a real story. We had locked the kitchen and waited for the snake charmer, but the snake showed and again hid in between the things. The whole night we were in terror of our creepy guest. It was caught in the morning, but with great trouble.

8 thoughts on “When an unexpected guest slid in…”

  1. I belong to Kerala and our place especially known for snakes. On one of our vacations we were at our Grandma’s place. It was 7.30 or so in the evening when it was time for a load-shedding. All of us gathered in the verandah and sat at our designated places as usual. I caught something slippery in my hands just when the power came in. I still can’t believe that it was a snake I was holding on to and that for some reason it did not bite me. Scary!

  2. Thank God the snake qaa quiet when your mom was cooking otherwise there would have been no dinner! 😀 lol…an unexpected guest indeed!

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