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Gold generation



A very frustrating phase in the life of every middle aged woman comes when she is suddenly put into the category of seniors. She becomes conscious of the changes around her, and fears that her younger generation will take over and she’ll be OUT of the game!608

This is a phase, not a serious problem, in fact a transition towards grace. But it hurts…the way maturity is treated!

Last year our local ladies club organized a dance program; all ladies were invited to participate. The young ones jumped in enthusiastically, but as some matured feet began to move, lots of laughter and comments showered. The steps got frozen at their own places, and those disheartened souls decided to be audiences instead of being participants.

Ela one of our committee members was not at all happy; she is young and a sober person, so on witnessing those circumstances she addressed us all and gave an honest account of the factuality-

“I realize that sometimes we people hurt our elder generation by just  enjoying  silly things- Sejal-Hathisuch as commenting on their age and lines of experience, as if our youth is permanent! By the time we relish our present suddenly a time will come when we will be seen cherishing our past.

It’s a natural process, and how can we on mock on the nature’s way of working. If we are the bright mornings, they are the prime time of life.

Our young age is not our achievement, so instead of holding on that slippery phase and counting it as an asset of our life let’s do something really admirable and appreciable.

I feel pity for ourselves; our thinking is so superficial. My whole and sole purpose is to bridge the gap between the two generations for an easy and happy walk of life.

By saying this I am not showing sympathy towards anyone in fact I am investing for my youthful future.

I have taken my first step towards sensibility…hope my peers will follow me definitely.”

We couldn’t help applauding for that lovely and open minded person.  I was so touched by her empathetic nature that I thanked her for her wise and prompt action. We are now very good friends.

Have you ever witnessed or gone through such comments?


A pinch of Pollyannaism-

Our limited vocabulary compels us to call them OLD; we should either call them as EXPERTS, EXPERIENCE HOLDERS, or  GOLD GENERATION PEOPLE.


This post is written for:

 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)


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8 thoughts on “Gold generation”

  1. How rude to laugh of the elderly people dancing?!… Dance is for everyone:-) I believe you should do what makes you happy regardless of age:-)

  2. My husband and I went to the movies last weekend and I asked for two “senior” tickets. Looking at the young girl giving me the tickets I could only be reminded that it was just yesterday I was her age. It was the first time I admitted to being a senior even though it has been years. I never think of myself as a senior until I look in the mirror and see someone I don’t recognize. They say you are as old as you feel and I feel incredibly young — so I will go with that and dance the night away! carol at http://batteredhope.blogspot.ca/2014/04/g-is-for-galloping-down-highway.html#.U0RjiCiPNW8

  3. I am now luckily at a agae where I will be awed .. cause who knows when i reach their age I will hv the energy pr the spirt to dance!

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