A-Z April '14




Clash of Tinitans-

Childhood memories are incomparable to any other pleasure I can bet. Just imagine how many times have you narrated and described your pranks during family reunions; still you feel that a particular episode is good enough to mention once more. One of my childhood’s craziest acts still makes me laugh as soon as I think of it.

It was a weekend and we three, my brothers (One elder to me and one younger) and I were downloadalone at home. I and the younger one were a team because the elder one mostly tried to be bossy in mom’s absence. Taking the benefit of his sweet tooth I and my younger brother send him in the kitchen to get his favorite sweets. As he entered, we locked him from outside and started laughing, but the next moment I realized that what will happen  if we let him come out. Oh my God! Now if we had to be safe it was necessary for him to be in until mom’s back.

He was yelling on us and threatening us. The big window between the kitchen and lobby witnessed  very stupid yet funny activities that day. Trying crazily to be out of the kitchen, his sight got fixed on the box of my toys which I had kept in the kitchen that day. To my greatest shock I saw my kitchen set being broken into pieces, now it was my turn to take the revenge. I went into the bedroom and brought the box of his toys and then there was a competition of demolishing each other’s toys; first one by one and then as fast as we could. Soon our Toy Story turned into World War Z.

It was a tough situation at that time, but now recalling that incident after so many years brings smile on our faces and we feel that our childhood days were more hilarious than our children’s  who can do all sort of crazy things on their electronic devices only, but can never have that lively childhood like ours.  

Challenging Situation- 

Gone are the days when childhood was called a happy-go-lucky phase of ones life. 1959674_467998583305566_1214256330_n This treasure we cannot fully pass on to our next generation because of the winds of CHANGE. Our kids almost live in the electronic world; they can spend their whole day in an electronic environment without noticing their family members and without even getting bored. Even-though we’ve lost our happy go lucky days to the Liberty of Identity we can still try our best to deal with such perilous situation.


A pinch Pollyannaism

Be it enforced act or interesting activity… let’s try to create some fun filled events for our kids who may have at least few topics to narrate and describe to their coming generations.

Do you agree?


This post is written for:

 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)


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9 thoughts on “Happy-go-lucky…”

  1. LOL 😀 And what happened when the kitchen door was opened? 😀
    I believe, all generations have their own sets of childhood memories and each one feels that their’s was the bestest time. I am sure our kids would have some fab stories to narrate too, of course, they’d be very different from our childhood 🙂

  2. Haha Funny one 😀 Yes childhood experiences have certainly changed but we can try to keep it a bit more creative n natural for our kids by curtailing gadgets or allowing limited use once in a while. I do that with my little one n so she ends up playing freey like I did when I was little.

  3. I can just imagine your mos response when she got home. But I also have crazy memories to share and I wish my son would but he is the only one so no one to do crazy things with.

  4. U know until a long tme I used to feel remorse as to how I was cruel to my sister .. i remmeber dragging her by hauir! But now we literaaly LOL thinking of those days..

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