A-Z April '14

King of my own Kingdom


Today my anguish over my life completely subsided when I heard about Carlo. He is few years younger to me, but position wise he holds a mighty personality. He was in grade 5 and I was an 8th grader, when unfortunately I had to drop my studies as I being the elder son I was duly needed at the home front. Destiny played such a game in my life where I was to be the bread earner of the whole family instead of playing hide and seek with my friends.

I had to work in Carlo’s dad’s workshop where Carlo was my junior boss. Carlo’s father was noworship more a loving and caring uncle, in fact he was now transformed into a shrewd employer. Such a drastic change! I thought of running away. How will I be able to step from my childhood to adulthood on such a short notice? Every moment, my heart wanted to run away from that weird place but it was not supported physically. At last I surrendered and took it as my fate. Undergoing undesirable conditions and inhospitable regions of life, I anyhow managed to make my own standing in the society.

Life wheel kept turning and as a self made man I was very happy with the kingdom of my own, a lovely family

Despite of all the favorable situations, I always had a pinch in my heart for Carlo who was 1506699_10152200385240435_168308520_nalways ahead of me in terms of luck. Why such difference? Why me? All these thoughts made me bitter from inside until I found that my virtue had put a great impact on my family. Every time I discovered that my children speak sense, they have empathy of each and everyone, they are down to earth and they accept  life as a priceless gift… What else would one want when the richness of every form was being showered abundantly. Touch wood!

On the other hand, Carlo’s materialistic love for his family bore the fruits of ungratefulness. Changes cannot be brought now…his children are on their own way with their hearts that beat on the tune of the lifestyle they are habitual of.

Today when I heard about Carlo’s hospitalization I really felt sorry for him, and my distress for my unusual childhood situations and ill feeling for Carlo’s life immediately disappeared; I want him to get well soon and return back home.


A pinch of Pollyannaism-941546_372478706185249_1168577013_n

If your children are truly good to themselves, then you are the real king of the kingdom of happiness.



This post is written for:

 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)


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3 thoughts on “King of my own Kingdom”

  1. Lovely post, thanks for sharing.. I believe in what goes around comes around. And so true- when you see the good qualities with your children you know that you are the one who have done it the way it should be, The joy of life:-)

  2. well the king of this kingdom was commiting the folly of comparing his happiness with others n was thus crestfallen. until he saw his opponent falling down n then voila hhe found his happiness

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