Hot looks & cool personality

I’v seen compliments turning into complaints. It’s just 2 years ago when she saw images (2)me in a marriage function. As I showed off to be a trendy boy from a metropolis, I was the center of attraction in my elder brother’s wedding. I was totally surprised when I knew that my sister in law’s friend is taking fancy on me. It was an appropriate occasion to express my emotions to her, “Tum ko dekha to yeh khayal aaya….Saaya”(on seeing you I felt that you are a cool shade in the scorching heat of life) I was undergoing the feelings of possessiveness, when she complimented me as a cool guy with hot looks. Our attraction blossomed into love.  After approval from all sides I and Sally got engaged on the reception party of my bro. Festivities continued. 

Flattered by awesome compliments from my fiancée I seriously tried to match my avatar. In the beginning it was pleasant but after our marriage I was tired of working seriously on what my wife has thought about me. Actually, I am a simple, a bit moody and a down to earth guy, but what I was trying to prove? She is my wife; she will know of my reality any how…’come on stop all this nonsense!’ I reviled myself.

After getting back into my reality, life scene has totally changed. Now my wife’s  compliments have Husband-and-Wife-jokes(1)become complaints, ‘I was so impressed by your cool personality that I thought I will always have a hot boyfriend in the form of my husband, but you are a cold husband with only hot temper!’


This post is written for- Write over the Week

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)

Picture courtesy: Google Images


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