A-Z April '14

Magic of Maya


Maya’s Mantra

At some point in our lives we tend to become depressed no matter how balanced we try to show ourselves. Then we need a ray of hope or positivism to lighten our dark hours of that bleak phase and shine our worth once again to be back in rhythm of the life.

My heart was cleansed and became lighter than a feather when I saw a video of Dr. Maya Angelou. Oprah Winfrey, in one of her programs soulful Sundays, interviewed Maya Angelou and asked her about best pieces of advice she ever gave and received.

Maya’s soulful response to that raised my spirit high and morale upwards. The magic of her words, the warmth of her presence and the aura of her personality are enough to mesmerize the viewers.

I was a fan of her writings, but now I appreciate her as an inspirational speaker, who can enlighten the lives of many by her unfathomable experience.

The video below is sure to take you to an inward journey where there is spontaneity of words, thoughts and feelings….

A Pinch of Pollyannaism


Some messages speak out volumes with just the limited words


This post is written for:

 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)


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