A-Z April '14

Promising generation


Very often we people simply point out the shortcomings of our system and blame it for lacking efficiency. Not only this, we are the ones who easily twist the rules and principles just for the sake of our convenience. First we encourage wrong practices for our own good, and later we oppose and criticize wrong when we see the flip side. However,  to avoid such situations a strong superstructure of a country is the need the hour, where our younger generation will be  turned to a promising generation.

Let’s make every home an institution of values and do our best for bringing up our coming 400_F_2223340_G6iWqA7nTvbZWUocwGDoHbYeTvkZtigeneration as the responsible citizens. Therefore, parents’ contribution is very important at the initial stage. Enlightenment from the very beginning will definitely reap promising results.

A positive sign

Who says that our future is not bright? We have a lot of hope from our younger generation which is up-and-coming, and is on the way to lead our nation towards overall development. Optimistic approach by today’s youth in the form of various appreciable activities is a positive sign of a glowing tomorrow.

No doubt all this will take a little time but will work definitely. We should pick values from the priceless treasure of our past, enforce it wisely into the present and then plan for a bright and prosperous future. Let us be positive and wish all the good luck to those who are on the way to make us proud citizens of our great country.


A pinch of Pollyannaism –

Advice for teenagers…

While solving the jigsaw puzzle of your life keep all the advice and experiences handy…either of them missing will leave your game incomplete


This post is written for:

 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)


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5 thoughts on “Promising generation”

  1. Nice to read your post, family is the most important place for kids, and it is challenging as parents to be a role model, definitely we can do our bit by creating promising generation by our own lives styles that are inspiring …

  2. Fully agree, Shelly. We are the same ones that twist the system for our benefit and then criticize others. We need an overhaul of the system as well as civic education coupled with opportunities for each and every one.

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