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In the background


husband-wife-loveOpportunity knocked her door, but her parents wanted her to settle abroad by marrying a guy of their choice. She mocked at her degree of fashion-designer and surrendered.

After marriage, in her community she got a chance to design clothes for a local fashion show. It was an opportune time for her to show her worth, she jumped in and made an outstanding impact on the community there.

Now she owns a boutique…blue-helper-person-lift-3d-friend-climb-up-17419931

Once in her life, opportunity was turned away, but this time her husband quite quietly created an opportunity for her, and keeping her oblivious of the reality.


This post is the part of –

Write Tribe-100 Words on Saturday #12

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)


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7 thoughts on “In the background”

  1. Beautiful moral. If we just go with the flow of life without resisting the Universe conspires to make great things happen! Thank you 🙂

  2. Beautiful and heart warming post. Sometimes, the right opportunity not just knock on the door but pushes its way through. It takes a second for the stroke of luck to change our lives:)

  3. Sometimes life with all it’s twists and turns does not take us where we expected – but it still can work out – even better than what we thought… Very beautiful story:-)

  4. everything works for good for those who believe in the goodness of life… so important to trust an believe in oneself…coz finally we may not get what we wanted, but definitely what we have hope for … good post !

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