Sweet secrets



The sun was about to set;  the saffron rays of setting sun imparted a golden hue to the sand,McClures_Beach_Point_Reyes_National_Seashore_California and the water glittered like gold. Oh! It was a beautiful scene, I went and sat on that huge flat rock in order to re-energize myself. The scenery was so rich and vast that I was lost in its incredible beauty..Suddenly, my eyes stuck on her. Gosh! My beautiful mermaid! Is she a mermaid or a woman who always dodges me; first she calls me, and  whenever I try to come near her disappears into the sea.

Adding curiosity to my excitement, she started surveying the whole shore with a frightened look. Today I won’t let her go like that. I proceeded determinedly and cautiously with slow steps; she was still playing there.  As soon as I reached near her she turned and watched me with frightened look and started slipping into the water with speed. Without wasting a second, I caught hold of her long hair with lightening speed, and she started shouting. My grip was so firm that she couldn’t slide an inch back into the water and even shouted much louder.

Hey! What a joke! Do mermaids shout? Suddenly, a flash of light opened my eyes, Oh, No! tumblr_mnfjcxo6an1r7gf9qo1_1280I was holding my wife’s ponytail and she was screaming and trying to get rid of my tight grip. I released it immediately, I was in a shock, and she was in an embarrassed condition; I couldn’t react…later I apologized and consoled her. When she asked about my nightmare, I pretended as it has faded from my memory. I ‘m sure this mermaid is definitely going to create troubles in my married life if I will tell anything to my wife about her. Even though, that mermaid lives in my dreams she is sure to kill my wife with envy…

Am I right or not?


A pinch of Pollyannaism-images

Some secrets are completely harmless, and should be kept as secrets for the sake of harmonious surroundings.


This post is written for:

 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)


Picture Courtesy: Google Images

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