A-Z April '14

Unconditional love… for yourself 


Ria was carrying the burden of failure in her relationship, and was suffering from insomnia. Image

Why was she so hard on herself, why doesn’t she let go off the past and enjoy today? 
These were the suggestions…what she needed most was motivation.
One day she met a person who enlightened her path by changing her way of thinking… 

Do you love your children
Of course!
And yourself?
um….yes…I mean ..

ImageIf you had loved yourself unconditionally, you’d never been so tough on yourself. 
Why are you trying to gaze at the world from being behind the glass door; come out and feel the gentle breeze! 
I have closed my heart to every feeling now; I can never dare to involve myself in that. 
Life is like a river Ria, it wants us to flow with it’s twists and turns. We should never look down upon ourselves, as we are the creators of our own happiness.
One thing  more, if you want to forget any bitter experience, think that your life is like your diary and you are tearing off that unwanted, untidy page from it. Relax! Re read the book; half of your burden will be gone off immediately…
For a fulfilling life she has now started loving herself unconditionally…
Pinch of Pollyannaism-images (5)

Positive thinking can transform the obstacles/barriers as protection bars.

This post is written for:


 Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)


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7 thoughts on “Unconditional love… for yourself ”

  1. “Life is like a river Ria, it wants us to flow with it’s twists and turns” – yesterday I participated in a tweetchat organized on continuous learning by my company and I tweeted with a similar connotation about life as below :-).
    Yes, one needs to give time for oneself while , in reality, we sacrifice on that front… Thanks for this post.

    Jayanta Tewari ‏@jayantatewari · 21h
    Life is like a river or water . Without Continuous learning, it stagnates. You can decide the path of your life river by CL. #CHRDX

  2. Life is like a river, Ria..beautiful and powerful quote as we reflect on existence. Years back, a college senior told me in a pep kinda talk, stop being too hard on yourself, Vishal. It always click:)

  3. when we experience conditional love in our lives, it is very difficult to accept unconditional love, it takes a lot of time, and understanding that we can be loved despite ourselves, beautiful post! loved reading !

  4. Indeed we are the toughest judge abt our actions! I have learnt now that maybe the world doesn’t have so much time to ponder abt our actions

  5. Ria met the right person at the right time in her life…we can be our toughest critics, we need to be gentle and supportive of ourselves if we want to keep going ahead. A good message in today’s post.

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