A-Z April '14

Zesty  Fest


Z ends the zealous festival of words leaving on our blogs the impressions of lovely thoughts and ideas, originated through various themes by various minds and hearts.
ImageZippy alphabetical thoughts written, read and commented during the whole month gave me the feeling of being in a wordy carnival…
Over the whole month of April, after returning from my work, I struggled for complete commitment. Going either the straight way or zigzag , I did it. 
Dead line really acts as a hard task master that never showsimages (5)
any kind of mercy, otherwise how on earth a person like me had written a theme based post everyday for one full month! Thanks to A_Z Challenge and everyone associated with it. Heartfelt thanks to my dear co bloggers who boosted up my morale by their generous comments. 

images (7)With the end of A-Z challenge I plan to do something that can bring zestfulness around. Yes… ENJOYMENT, HAPPINESS! The plan is to comment on those A-Z posts that I could not read due to the anxiety of meeting the daily deadlines.  So what am I waiting for? My plan starts from now…because like smiles happiness circulates….isn’t it zestful?

A pinch of Pollyannaism-images (6)
Spiritual knowledge does not demand anything, but unburdens your load and makes your heart feel free…

This post is written for:

Blogging from A-Z Challenge (April 2014)

&  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014)

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12 thoughts on “Zesty  Fest”

  1. I am also in for some commenting from now on… Great post today, and discovering your blog through a to z challenge has been a pure joy! Congrats to you for completing:-) Hugs

  2. It has been a super exciting and interesting journey, this April. Glad that we all aced this challenge, together 🙂

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