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In the background

  Opportunity knocked her door, but her parents wanted her to settle abroad by marrying a guy of their choice. She mocked at her degree of fashion-designer and surrendered. After marriage, in her community she got a chance to design clothes for a local fashion show. It was an opportune time for her to show her… Continue reading In the background

A-Z April '14

Lessons & Life

  Is it easy to be calm and patient when people misunderstand you and provoke you to react impulsively? It’s difficult but not impossible. It takes courage to be in your senses and think from your provoker’s side. When your intention was good why did he/she attack you? That day I made someone proud by turning my provoker’s  harsh words… Continue reading Lessons & Life

A-Z April '14

Jealousy…a pinch of it is positive

Fiction- 55    “She looked most beautiful in today’s party, I swear…” Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that my unintentional expression for some other girl in party would work as an envious element, and change my tomboyish childhood love Susan into a gorgeous lady, who previously refused all my requests of getting… Continue reading Jealousy…a pinch of it is positive