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Incredibly Inspiring….

  It's an Incredibly Inspiring source... that has made my house (blog) a home... Starting a blog was easy but to bring it up and nurture it with regular writing was a great deal. At that point of time Write Tribe of Corinne Rodrigues pushed me on the track of imaginative writing by- the gentle… Continue reading Incredibly Inspiring….

A-Z April '14


  Clash of Tinitans- Childhood memories are incomparable to any other pleasure I can bet. Just imagine how many times have you narrated and described your pranks during family reunions; still you feel that a particular episode is good enough to mention once more. One of my childhood's craziest acts still makes me laugh as… Continue reading Happy-go-lucky…


When an unexpected guest slid in…

Written for  100 Words on Saturday 2014 #10 &  Ultimate Blog Challenge (April 2014) Day 7 “How to get rid of this rat…?” Saying this mom rushed into the kitchen; we followed her. A hissing snake slithered through the kitchen; mom pushed us back, but in a split of a second it disappeared behind the door.… Continue reading When an unexpected guest slid in…

A-Z April '14

Forgiving and forgetting….Is it hard?

  Forgiving she had learnt, but forgetting was a kind of an unachievable task for Raina… WHY? “I am a human being and a Scorpio (I've heard …they forgive but never forget)!” “If someone (excluding my loved ones…indeed) has hurt me I have the right to mull over it…” Whenever she tried to convince herself… Continue reading Forgiving and forgetting….Is it hard?

A-Z April '14

 Dazzling Damsel 

  'Dazzling Damsel', my dream cruise ship, floating with pride on the glittering water of Dubai looks like gigantic jewel collection. Its regal existence communicates the phenomenal growth of an ordinary man on this land of gold. Working at Abra (boat) station was my first step towards my Damsel. Swarming abras running the errands of commuting frequently were my… Continue reading  Dazzling Damsel 

A-Z April '14

Count your blessings

Coping with a weird situation these days Maria has started feeling like a Robot.  Maria and Remo are in the same company. Maria is working here since four years, but her husband has joined recently. All this happened when Remo simply applied in Maria’s company and was called for an interview. The HR impressed by… Continue reading Count your blessings


Aspiring Teachers

A child miseducated is a child lost (John F. Kennedy). Accolades and applause may be alluring, but for an educator his/her job of building the foundation of our coming generations is award winning in itself. According to me, a studen't progress as a learner and as human being is the best reward a teacher can ever receive. … Continue reading Aspiring Teachers